Secret achievements


Post any secret achievements you’ve unlocked from the new achievement drop. Help a brother out

What does everyone think of the achievements?

That might take a while to figure out. I would keep an eye out on YoutTube as well


All of the secret ones have 0.01% except one


Yeah but that doesn’t mean much. Other games had DLC out and some already had 0.01% as well and that was 5 minute after the DLC dropped

(CaramelCardinal) #5

Winning Wasn’t Enough For You?
Secret Achievement

I’ve Got The Codes
As any variant of Minh, De-activate the lasers on Security. ARCHIVE: 83B186-22AO3-SF

In Memoriam: Dominic Santiago
In Campaign, have both of the Memento Mori and Dom’s Toms in your loadout at the same time.

Getting the Horn
In a Versus match, 5 players on a team must individually pull the foghorn on Harbor or Harbor Haze.


Good stuff, was about to post it myself

(CaramelCardinal) #7

For winning wasnt enough theres actually a further description of You and your team styled out that victory, Snub style

(API) #8

You can just look them up on any achievement tracking site like or lel

(API) #9

The description is:

You and your team styled out that victory, Snub style.

So i.e. beat a guy out for the last kill lmao


Thanks a bunch

(Krylon Blue) #11

Do you need to be the one to do the beat down though? The achievement photo looks as if one player needs to do it while the others watch.

Has anyone here done it yet?

(API) #12

I haven’t played today but I’m assuming it’ll come naturally

(UltraMagnetic96) #13

I found this video from

(Krylon Blue) #14

Well then, lol. Guess I can just play normally and when a victory is guaranteed begin to look up. :joy:

(UltraMagnetic96) #15

At first I was doing the beat down multiple times, but I didn’t have any luck. Then I came across this video and all I thought was, “Are f’n kidding me?” :joy:

(crazychainsaws8) #16

Nice find bro

(ThePublicNME) #17

There is no way I’m doing that bike section on insane or inconceivable again. My sanity won’t take it.


Just load up act 4 chapter 5. You don’t have to go through the entire campaign again

(Slipping Flames) #19

Ok. This achievement is lame.

Winning wasn’t enough for you.

(Krylon Blue) #20

I tried this and it doesn’t work. I wonder if everyone on the team has to do it or does someone have to be in the middle of a beat down?