Second controller not reacting on campaign when pushing menu button

Second controller not reacting on campaign select character screen when pushing menu button,
what could be the reason?
so on xbox i am logged in with one profile with game pass ultimate.
when i select my profile and select campaign, the first character is selected.
I push on the menu button on the second controller - for second player - nothing happens. The controller is working only when i push xbox-button and in menu home i can just use the second controller as my first.
please help

Did you add the second profile to your squad?

Don’t you have to assign it as a “Guest” from the profile or something via the Xbox menu? Been a while I used the Xbox for Gears…

You gotta assign your second controller to either as Guest or another account if you have it or if you are playing with a friend, to his account.

That’s what I do when I play with my brother.