Second character that is just a theron pitched down

Seriously? This is just plain lazy. Glad I wasted coins on Karn since I won’t be using him now. It’s cringey as hell and considering a theron’s penchant for drawing words out, it makes dialogue lines drag on longer than they need to. Was excited to hear what he’d sound like but now I’m just disappointed.

It wouldnt even be as bad either if The Coalition just kept it like how it was in Gears 3.

The long drawn out voice has been irritating me since Gears 4 because the Palace Guard voice was not that long. They were quite literally Theron voices but deeper. I pray they fix the voice soon to at least not be as long and drawn out.

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That is a whole lot better. I guess I was just hoping for Karn to have his own voice. RAAM is sort of unique in his and it makes sense for Skorge to sound like most of the other kantus given the whole tongue thing but there’s no reason for Karn to sound like a great value RAAM.

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Honestly, Karn’s voice being drawn out doesn’t matter to me, since he’s not a Palace Guard (actually fix the Palace Guard, though). They should have given him unique voice lines. It’s possible to alter an existing voice to have different lines, Ben Carmine and Jermad being shining examples of that.

Now if only they can revert RAAM’s voice to how it was in Gears 3.

I think you’re confusing the Theron with TC’s Palace Guard.