Season Rank Emblems

When is TC going to bring back emblems for rank placements? I didn’t play Season 0 so I didn’t get any of the rank title emblems. Only embelem you can get now is Diamond Master that’s cool and all but I ain’t got the time to grind through all 5 diamond ranks bru !i want a regular onyx or diamond emblem to compete for tbh

Maybe never unfortunately. Complaining to them on their dev streams and Twitter may be your best bet though

Lol what other company is mindful and sees this much complaining and is still allowed to make content and games? Notice how even die hard gears fans do nothing but complain tc sucks theyll never get it right its all about Mexico players and dont forget about esports 11 soon!!! Lol i love gears more than any other game but i give up this game is depressing