Season pass for gow5

Can i know whats gonna be for us who buy the season pass? Cause on gow4 i bought it and i just got maps that i dont need cause escalation its the only mode i play…i dont wanna waste money no more then i have already…thank u :slight_smile:

E3 2019 will have the answers, if not will have to be to closer to the release date of the game.

So far, in almost a year, we’ve literally had 1 trailer for the game. Details on the Season Pass won’t be revealed yet.

Lmao…oh boy


How can you not buy the season pass for Gears 5? Hell I’ve bought them all and don’t regret it either. :metal::metal::metal:


There has to be one, to buy one :sweat_smile:


We will all buy, well a very high percentage, no matter what they include. #Gearsforlife :wink:
I want a special ed X as well. Would imagine we will get, fingers crossed anyway. This time when the disc trey eject is pressed I want a quote from MF about some issues he is having with Horticulture…

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What are you kidding man?! You’ll buy it too because you’re Mr Money bags homie!

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Oh of course, I took delivery of a $1,800 Chair today, I’m definitely buying the “Ultimate Edition” :sweat_smile:


GoW4 Season Pass was literally just maps to own for custom games, that’s it.

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You’re are correct. It was still worth buying it IMHO.

It was a bit more than that tbh.

For koth players was amazing for us who play escalation we spended for 1 or 2 more maps i think ill buy for separate. Mabye its the best thing

Damn man hook a brotha up! :sweat_smile:

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You never know :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I hope a serious season pass for Gears 5… With big and generous things. It’s the only way if TC want keep the max of fans.

Others games as Fortnite are here… Don’t loose more fans.

TC, read it, don’t be hungry with your money addiction. Give pleasure and respect for fans. Season pass is a real problem now… We don’t know if SP will be good. We have lost dreams and illusions with the last opus… Change it.

Because in Gears 4, with the SP, we have had a pure joke ! Lot of disappointement for a very expensive SP.

I understand all bad commentaries of the community. I hope TC you have learnt and taken your responsabilities for good choices in Gears 5. We don’t want a catastrophic SP, one more time…

If the Season Pass is great, lot of fans buy it. We love Gears license. Give the best SP possible !

I know my commentary isn’t cool. But i think it’s true. And i hope TC will be comprehensive. It isn’t an attack but a SOS bottle in the sea…

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