Season pass daylight robbery

TC are you seriously still selling the season pass? At full price too! Absolute pirates.

I have the season pass after regrettably purchasing on day one. By far the worst gears season pass to date, had you been more transparent about exactly what the season pass gave you from the outset… Well, no sane player would have bought it would they.

Some poor git is going to buy it. You should feel ashamed of yourselves. Its like selling bread at full price knowing its mouldy inside.

Please TC… Atleast use gow4 as a training ground and don’t fk up 5.


I am not a defender of The Coalition but I like all of my friends knew exactly what was included in the season pass. It was always a certain amount of maps with the ability to play them as the host in a private match. Unless you’re referring to something else entirely I really don’t know what you expected? But moving forward I don’t think there should be any season passes. Other than CoD, every major title has done away with them.

You didn’t actually post what you found wrong with it.

I for one didn’t have any issues, because I tend to read about services or products before I buy them and make a decision if it’s worth it.

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The fact that they are still selling it full price is a p*** take. Everything bar a couple of credits for owning a map and playing private is unlocked from the season pass.

If you play private, i can only assume that you play with friends… Only one person has to have the season pass for everyone to have access to the maps.

They were about as clear as mud in the initial stage of the season pass.

So you are telling me, if you just bought the season pass today at full price only to discover that 95% of it is unlocked anyway, you’d be happy with your purchase?

I’m simply pointing out the pirate s**t tactics at the core of TC… For further example… hey guys, here’s griffon for free… Oh now he costs 12 quid… Pirates.


That’s the point, if it was today then I wouldn’t purchase it.

But like I said before, read what you are buying and you don’t want it then don’t buy it …

You are missing my point entirely.

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Your point is why is there at full price?

Or why is griffin free then paid for?

Because maybe they didn’t bother discounting it?

Maybe because no one buys it now anyway?

For griffin - he was free with a challenge and then paid for by everyone else …

Oh wow.

So you think its ok that the season pass is still for sale at full price!?

Little Jonny’s mum or even little Jonny buys gears 4 today… Doesn’t really know a whole lot about gears 4 but liked no. 2 so buys the season pass… That’s ethical business practice is it!

Fan boys like you give TC the backing they need to justify this s**t

Little Jonny’s mum shouldn’t be letting little Jonny play the game or at least the ability to make independent purchases if he doesn’t know what he’s buying and doesn’t have a concept of money / isn’t his own money.

Now how is that TCs fault?

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I think DJ NME has a good point. The very fact it’s still up in the store for full price is an issue in a wider sense. I suspect many people don’t buy it, but all it takes is one person to buy it and that’s one more person who has bought something of extremely poor value.

I’ve argued my point on Griffin before. The fact players had the chance to get him for free is irrelevant in my opinion. It’s a single character for $15 / £12 which is pretty bonkers. It also skewers the market in terms of how we value these things, and how TC (and other developers) price them. It’s about how they push up the cost of these things to the consumer.


I can’t agree with either point.

We don’t know why it’s still there at full price and tbh I don’t even see it as a valid purchase post the maps being released.

Either way - there is no excuse to buy something without realising what you are buying.

Same for Griffin - it doesn’t do anything to the market if people don’t buy him.

He is a standard skin that was in the game for free.

You always have a choice. TC doesn’t force you to buy anything.

If you want to buy then that’s your choice.

How can you seriously justify this bs business practice? Pull your head out.

You are clearly having a hard time grasping what I’m saying… Or, more than likely, you actually agree, but could never say a bad word against the beloved TC.

Bottom line is its a real S**tty business practice. DLC or season passes are 9x out of 10 reduced in price or offered for free once they are passed their sell by date.

I’m not justifying it.

Yes it’s terrible value right now - but then why would you want to buy it right now?

You’ve already stated 95% of content is unlocked.

So the point is, if you read what it is -no one will clearly buy it.

So what’s the problem?

What’s to give away if 95% of content is already unlocked like you said?

If TC want to leave it up then it’s their game and that’s up to them.

Yes it’s not ideal but it’s their decision.

Thank you. Someone with a brain cell!

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Sure it’s a choice and sure it’s a non essential luxury item, just like lots of things in life are. The point is people want these things and as a result they will want to buy it. Some will be put off by the price, but as I said it skewers the market and sets a standard in terms of the price. I’m not blaming TC entirely - it’s a two knob system here - one knob has to have the audacity to release and price it the way it is; and the other knob has to be willing to pay for it. Is it right? From a consumerist perspective yes. Ethically? Arguably no.

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I disagree.

It’s just a skin - if you can’t resist paying it at the set price then that’s your own problem.

TC will always as a business want to charge the highest price it can.

The way to change that is not to buy.

But if someone wants to buy at that price - then that’s their business.

I never understand why everyone feels it’s “not ethical”.

After all, it’s just a skin in a game - I don’t think you can even call that unethical if your going to be that person who spends real money on a worthless skin.

Also III_EnVii_III if I may, I recall from another thread that it was mentioned that financially you’re reasonably well off and have a reasonable amount of disposable income to spend on things like this or the eSports packs if you choose?

In that case you’re in a position where you can have these things, but other fans may not. I’m not suggesting that people without money get it all for free, but it would be nice for a more even playing field. I welcome the shift toward in game challenges to unlock skins and hope this becomes a much bigger thing in Gears 5.

The thing that bugs me is that in past games things like DLC were not anywhere near as expensive as they are now. I recognise that the cost of producing games was gone up, but I would argue that the games industry is failing to address how it become so bloated and expensive in the first place. It feels like developers are using every opportunity to raid our bank accounts for every little thing.

I disagree with the system TC has, with the prices they set and so on, just like the next person, regardless of my own situation.

However I stand by the fact that people need to stop buying before any change can happen.

If people carry on buying in large numbers then TC won’t change and that’s frustrating to me too.

I dislike RNG and the pack system and I agree Griffin is at a ridiculous price.

But if people buy him at that price then that’s up to them to do so - I certainly wouldn’t for that character.

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Cmon… Stop skipping round the clear issue I’ve pointed out.
So you are saying that your average random hasn’t been gypt by the season pass… Wasn’t that the whole issue in the first place when the pass was initially released. A stink was certainly kicked up by the community to say the least.
Yet TC still have it up for sale for full price when in reality its now even worse value than in the first instance…if you are a solo player it has zero value. People will and have still bought it this year. That is a P**s take.

It should be at a reduced price… A tenner is probably the low end of reasonable.

Well, they gotta make a living no?

All we can do is qualify on the store, accordingly, so others don’t make same mistake we did buying it.