Season 7 rewards?

Season 7 rewards???

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Gears 5, as in we wont be subjected to Gears 4 multiplayer shitefun any longer :wink:

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They said on the last dev stream that there are no season 7 rewards. The only rewards left are the Road to Gears 5 ones.

Season 7 will be markza, longshot,boltok,snub, and gnasher diamond master emblem has not been revealed yet

What the heck?? It’s the lancer enforcer overkill boomshot and torque bow for this seasons rewards?? AGAIN!!! We haven’t had the Boltok snub longshot or Markza I’m at least 2 seasons!! What!!! So it’s the last season of ranked play of gears 4 and I won’t get those skins. Wonderful.

Those are exactly the Season 5 rewards, which you can verify by scrolling down on the page.

I’m assuming they just copied and pasted, then forgot to change the values. But if those are actually intentional, then idk they must be lost lol

Yeah it has to be a mistake right??

Yeah I’d hope so lol

I hope so too.

I have every Diamond skin minus Markza and Boltok. I was hoping to complete the set but if not then obviously no big deal.

Yeah luckily I got them all in one season before this whole “just 5 weird ones per season” BS started

Must be nice.

Not a big deal regardless. The games about dead and they won’t carry over anyway.

You got ur wish :open_mouth:


The Coalition listened?

Too bad they ignore the real issues. :joy::yum:


Wow. They did listen. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for Gears 5. Thank you for listening :slightly_smiling_face:

why season 7 rewards same as season 5 i want my longshot boltok marksa snub skins grrr

Now they really going to listen :eyes:

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(Octus starts to quiver with fear)

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lol they better but they sure wont cause they cant fix nothing right and if you do the math and you have a brain then season 4 skins should be there instead of 5 duh

I must not have a brain because i don’t understand this… @DAVID_THE_CLOWN can you please translate this… It seems very clowny… I DON’T SPEAK CLOWNY!!!


i hope they change it. I really want Lancer to be in there…