Season 7 in GoW4 - Last season, when does it start?

Hey. Wondering when the new and last season starts, season 7!?

I wanna grind to diamond 5 for the final time in KOTH. I think they haven’t announced when season 7 starts just yet but I am pretty sure they will tell us tomorrow in the dev stream. If anyone knows already. Maybe someone can give me some information when the next season start. I am curious.

Although I doubt it, that anyone knows yet.


Tomorrow’s What’s Up could hold the answers.

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Yeeea thats what I thought, can not wait for tomorrow

I was wondering the same, I want one more season before I move on to 5, and the sooner the better.

Any news?

Doesn’t look like it!

So no new season in Gears 4? I might get some information later in the dev. stream. But there are no news in the whats up from today!? I hope there will be one last season.