Season 6 Re-Ranking Impacts to lower levels


So last night played some KOTH. still trying to recover my silver 2 loss…smile. I play this game against a all un-ranked group. not sure they where a team or solo, but all where un-ranked.

My solo team ended up wining. I had a pretty good game for me 45 kills 30 downs. Here is the topic.

On the other team many had 60 70 80 kills. I find it hard to believe that these are 1st times or unskilled players, so i determine they must be gold or onyx getting there new ranking from season 5. Yes this is assumption, but i have been playing long enough to understand talent and skill. This game had no ping issues most of use where even at 35 to 50 ping.

so i get re-ranking, but what really hurts is when bronze and silver player barley move with wins having to pay re ranks. this game went our way yest but i have past examples of the same where non ranked are serious destroying silver and bronze 3 even with a gold in there.

would it no be better to grandfather diamond and Onyx and have them come in one level below past seasons.

They are doing that now after the 5 games right or wrong? the think is those 5 games destroy those of use that do not have there skill.

Also is there any protection in dual accounts for players of high skills player with a low skill rank just to rip it up?

You have a visible rank and a background rank. The background rank is something you never see but that is what the matchmaking uses to match people.

So if you’re Diamond last season and the rank resets to unranked, your background rank is still going to be Diamond. So it’s basically already done.

No there isn’t. But it’s pretty quick to determine the real skill of a player so it shouldn’t last for long (under 3-10 games in my experience).

Okay, but the 5 matches they play destroy lower levels. cause the system is putting them in with bronze and silver right?

Yeah but there’s really no way to fix that. Every game has that issue.

I’ve thought about this before and while it’s annoying, it’s not a frequent enough thing to devastate someone’s rank. You rank will mostly reflect the consistency of your performances.

The problem is, that there are good players who came back to play gears after a long time with a reseted rank, but there are also ■■■■■■, who are playin with a fake account, so they can play against noobs or dont know what their goal is. When you think he’s to good for his rank, check his account, every fake account has less than 300 Gamerscore and for 80% a standard pic.


I am barley holding on to what is left of my silver. I do feel it plays a big impact. My performance will not improve me going against pre onyx or diamonds.

It like asking a midget to box Mohammed Ali…

Point in case on Sunday i played with my lATAM onyx friends . I started out at silver 1 48%. that i had just gotten back. I was so out of my league with only avg of 10 kills per match yes i suck…it dropped me to 31% while my friend lost nothing . we lost the matches cause the other team had all onyx 3.

I know i should not be playing with them and tried to tell them that when we win i get nothing and when we loses i lose a ton. The only thing i get is experiences and training which i am happy to trade rank for, but if i go solo i should not have to play golds and above that are not ranked or posing just top beat down the try hard base players.

I can see such a big difference when i play in my ranking or slightly above to playing 2 ranks above me. I guess its just what it is…lol