Season 5 (this season) weapon rewards are now claimable!

You can claim your weapon skins for this season now. I doubt you can claim them for last season (Season 4) since the stats page doesn’t show those rankings yet.


A most glorious day

I’m thinking the color blast shepherd goes best with it on swarm.


I want to scrap them, not get more :joy:


Good looking out API!

I must admit the Onyx skins are the next best thing to the Black Steel if you’re using them for the Black Steel characters.

But the Diamond blue plus the blue accent on the Black Steel is just magical

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Eh, I don’t think so but that’s just me lol. I have some Diamond skins already and think they look so-so. I’ve always liked darker colors though!

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I would definitely use the Onyx over Diamond if the Onyx were the same as the one in GoW3. Oof that was the best black camo I’ve ever seen. Gears 4 Onyx is a dark purple

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Yeah, wish it wasn’t purple but it’s dark so I use them.

i got my onyx skins, some day i may get diamond

Thanks for the info @API

Im still waiting for my gold skins and emblem for seson 3 an 4 ???