Season 5 rank reset

Does this affect the Seriously 4.0 achievement if you already did the requirements in season 4?

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No it doesn’t


I had a gold rank ,on 5 Rank: today , I couldn’t. claim the gold reward. Fasinating.

I think you have to start over each season.

I got to gold , did not claim. . Can I get em?

I’m not absolutely sure if you can for season 4. Go to the my rewards page and see if you can.

Done so , its. gray , not white , the CLAIM box.

Well I’m sorry to say, but you might have missed out on it. In the future, always check when you rank up.

I did exactly the same thing. Got to Onyx. Didn’t realise until now that you had to claim skins. :sweat:

I reliede on the message that said past rewards are claimable. Was this safety pin false?

Once the seasons final rank placement is calculated you should see them in your inventory. You didn’t miss out but I don’t think they’re available to be claimed so you’ll have to wait.

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Correct, TC said its going to take a few weeks before skins will be claimable for season 4 as they will need to process legacy stats on the web.

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My hope ,for the gold rank weapon skin’s ,
rest on your reply. Thank u . Cross my fingers that pressing. the claim box , was not a requirement has , when I tried to press it , I couldn’t.

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Nah, you’re good. Others had this same concern when they hit Diamond but fell out of the rank and could no longer claim their skins. You just need to wait for the final ranks to be determined and you’ll see them.

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And…no , season 4 rank weapon skins are still not claimable. Now all faith is gone and subterfuge of the unclaimed safeguards , that the page flaunts ,with falsehood.

They likely won’t be claimable at all. It should be like past seasons where you’ll see them automatically added to your in game inventory.

Ooops!Just read the update , in yellow highl ighted ,for season 4 rank weapon skins. Oct 31 the release date.