Season 5 Emerald Gear (Xbox One)

Hello to the whole community, I had a question and I hope someone can help me.
Since yesterday morning I was playing Gears Of War 4 in the Xbox One, and something strange happened, the progress of my achievements stopped progressing, in the same way I stop advancing the challenge of the emerald gear, if anyone knows that I can do to fix it, I would really appreciate it, really.
I’ve been stuck in 47% for almost 3 days,
Help me please TC.

That happens a lot with their achievement trackers. It should still keep counting.

Yup it’s a visual error that sometimes happens. TC are working on correcting it but they’ve said that while the counter has stopped counting, it hasn’t frozen behind the scenes and every kill and down still counts, and no progress is being lost, so keep at it!

But it does not advance in anything, I saw like 4 times the page of Gears, and is stuck in 4,289 kills for 3 days. Delete my account from my xbox and download it again, I played gears again, and still did not advance.