Season 4 rewards unclaimable

I ended the season as onyx 3 in tdm, highest rank I reached was diamond 1. Because I reached diamond will I be able to collect diamond skin? That’s just a question, but the reason I’m here is I cant claim any rewards and I haven’t received any in game, no onyx boltok nor markza or anything… is it bugged or am I missing something? Please respond

This has been asked like six times in the last two days

One example:

Does anyone know when season 5 rewards can start being claimed?

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So when next update come you should be able to claim it. the backwater should be ready for to you.
when go to claim it not option yet but you see 1 and 1 with mean you did reach diamond but lost it but you would be able to claim once that update come in i hope i help you in hopefully we play together one day.

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So I should be able to claim then just not yet