Season 3 skins, still be deployed?

I got my skins for been diamond TDM last week, Torque, retro and gnasher but I’m still missing the skins for getting diamond in KOTH.

Anyone else still waiting or has everyone else got theirs?

Everyone else is still waiting. They said they’ll be doing them gradually because of the sheer amount of skins to be handed out, they don’t want any deployment issues.

Not really a big fan that we may have to wait until late August (if that) to get all the skins. The claiming of skins mid season really can’t come quick enough

They said in their latest What’s Up post that it’ll take a couple of weeks (lol). They took all of last week to do just TDM for everyone. Maybe KOTH will be this week, since it’s next in the list.

I’m still looking out for that Diamond Master emblem!

Maybe on the 6th week of deployment :blush:


Which means probably the 12th week :+1:

so have only TDM skins been sent out as that is all i have gotten so far so i assume this is the case.

I got my KotH rewards (including Diamond) this afternoon.