Season 3 Rewards

Like this Monday

I wouldn’t expect that much :joy:

My skins for season 3 today is friday month is end

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What? You got your skins?

Still waiting on season 3 rewards anyone knows what are the diamond weapon rewards on KOTH

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Longshot, enforcer, snub

Have the skins from season 3 started rolling out yet and if not, do we have ETA?

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I’d imagine next week for sure.

Or totally the week after that :wink:



Or guaranteed for the week after that week.



I think they will come on the week after the next three weeks.

If not, then definitely the week after those weeks.

For sure.



Yeah, or the week after the next four weeks.

What are some of these S3 skins?

Diamond Skins, I believe.

The Plastic Blue Skins :+1:

Or maybe the weeks after those weeks sometime in 2018 however as TC are busy it might be 2019.

A watched pot never boils.

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A held cup never empties.

or maybe the next 4 years