Season 3 Rewards Deploy

Is there a source somewhere that tells what rewards are given for each game mode in each tier?

Is it the same every season? I only started playing the game season 3 so not sure how it works.

I got gold 3 in TDM last season and see that I have the gold gnasher and retro. So I assume I needed to get gold in all modes to get the full set? Also assuming that I can complete the full set in season 4?

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== Season 3 Rewards Deployment - As of July 30 ==

Being Deployed
Escalation: Diamond

TDM: Diamond, Onyx, Gold, Silver, Bronze
KOTH: Diamond, Onyx, Gold, Silver, Bronze


When should we expect our diamond master emblem? Will that be in the next few days as well?


For season 4:

Yes, in season 3, you were able to get the full set by playing all modes. That is not the case for this season. It used to change every season with which modes gave which weapon skins. But now it will just be that every season, you can get a different set of 5 skins for any mode.

Also, for season 3 rewards:

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i dont recive my skins diamond to lancer dropshot and embar

Will be tomorrow hopefully :slight_smile:

Still waiting for my gold/onyx emblem since season 2.

The emblems were only awarded for season 0. You don’t get emblems for season 2.

I still haven’t received any of my season 3 skins.

Thank you

Any news when diamond masters get their emblem?

i dont recive my skins diamond to lancer dropshot and embar

Quisiera saber si, algún día me darán algún emblema, por que he visto que hay chavos que tienen el emblema de bronce y plata, y pues yo no he obtenido esos emblemas, y me gustaría saber si algún día de estos, me los van a hacer llegar, tengo también derecho a merecer esos dos emblemas, por que tengo armas de plata y bronce, pero no se por que no tengo sus respectivos emblemas, yo también tengo derecho a obtenerlos y necesito que alguien me resuelva esa problemática, sobre mis emblemas.

Me asen falta mi recompensa de guardián fuy diamante1 en la temporada 3 espero yeguen mis skins diamantes ya me yego mi recompensa en duelo por equipos pero me ASE falta la de guardián