Season 3: Ranked Skins

I was wondering when S3 Ranked season data would be done ‘completing’. I, along with hundreds of others are eager to receive S3 skins.

Anyone got the drop on anything?

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TC said some time this month.

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I am already aware of that. I was wondering if anyone had any further details on time-frame. Seemingly not which is a pity but it’s this month at least.

Unfortunately nothing more specific has been said at this time.

Damn, i’m itching to get my gnasher ect. Ah well, cheers for dropping in.

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What did you place if you don’t mind me asking?

Diamond, i was working up to diamond 2 (83% through) But i got kicked from a match, rejoined and it still penalized me so i got kicked down about 50%. Yourself?

I got to Onyx in Escalation. Being Aussie its super hard to find matches so had to join people from around the world just to get games. Met some great people, but unlike you wont have any fancy diamond skins

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Oh it’s no better in the U.K sadly, i’ve waited up to 40m+ for a match once. Oh boy it was a pain in the backside. Onyx is pretty good though, nice weapon skins there.

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Bump REEEE I want my skins. TC pls