Screen freezes every 20 minuts (Windows 10)

(TYI DeathcrusH) #1

Just startet playing again after a few months (see title) never had this problem before.

(AliceInChainsaw) #2

What drivers?

I recommend 382.53 or 382.33 to start with. That resolved my screen freezing about 99%

(GhostofDelta2) #3

Also what GPU do you have?

(iWazowski) #4

I stopped playing the game because of this, it’s so frustrating. Even with the 382.53 version of the driver it always freeze and when happen the first time the other freeze is more faster like 10 or 7 minutes

(nigelsan) #5

There are a couple of things to know before playing gears on windows. You got the driver right , but what you also have to remember is that you cannot alt tab out of gears once it starts. Period. This means you cant check Xbox app, google or even turn up your volume.

Honestly I have come to believe its more of an Xbox app issue. When I only use gAme chat and never even open the app I never freeze anymore. This has worked on a 970 1080 and 960.

(MolarZoo3876853) #6

I thought they fixed the alt tab issue.

Now game just freezes because of nvidia drivers.