Screen Flickering

I have been experiencing terrible screen flickers and have tried all sorts of setting tweaks to fix this, commonly noticed on maps like Checkout and Allfathers…I have also been experiencing this in Escape mode. It is very frustrating to deal with because it hinders vision and just makes me not even want to play, let alone being unplayable in ranked because I am at an immediate disadvantage.
One thing I have seemed to notice is that it gets very bad when I take damage or use “Tac com” both of which happen very often in any game mode.

I do play on PC, but never before experienced this prior to this season(OP 4), I had assumed it was something on my end but I cannot seem to fix it and the FEW solutions online I have seen do not work. Then I just assumed it would be fixed in an update but that hasn’t happened either,
It is strictly Gears 5, no other games I play have this issue so it is not something due to graphics card.

Do other people have this issue or know of a way to fix it? Hopefully this can be resolved or addressed!

Thank you

I have the same issue in campaign. Just started not long ago.

For me this bug is exists from OP3! :roll_eyes:

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Likewise, this problem started in operation 3, I have tried everything but it does not work, I already sent an email to TC to review this matter but they have not answered me I hope they can help us with this serious problem

game still flicker