Screen charge gears 5 pc

Hi, my problem appears in gears 4 and 5,well, when i have to click on Enter before the game send me into the menú, appears something like Sincronization and this never charge, i’m a pc player i downloaded gow 5 yesterday and i Hate This problem, pls help me T.T

I’m not sure what the solution is as I haven’t experienced this myself but I did notice that post it note on the top right of your display. If that’s important information I’d consider taking a new photo or blurring it out.

Are those the coordinates to where Jimmy Hoffa really is?!?!


Let my take another picture, i’m working right now, when i come back home, i can show you the message about the screen, i don’t know why i have this problem i gonna cry

Best of luck to you Sir. I’m no computer whiz, but if its happening to G4 and 5 it may have something to do with your setup. Good luck again.

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Thx bro i found a solution but in gears 4, I tried the same in this game and Nop it doesn’t works T.T

Sounds like a GW502 error, and unfortunately there is no fix.

Really? Aa Men what unlucky, i had the same problem in gow 4 and i got a solution, i tried the same in this game and well, i wanted to play this game T.T thx, i Want To find a solution asap, well i have to wait if someone can help me with this…

If you find a solution let me know, everyone has been trying different things, nothing has helped in the slightest.

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Yep i will show you if i find a solution, in gow 4 i Just quit the WiFi and when i was in the screen i connected again and it works but now this is Awful, well, i bought the game pass, it was cheaper but yes anyways i have to continue doing a lot of things, sorry if my english is a ■■■■, i’m learning… Jajajajajja