Scraps, what about them? [CONFUSED]

Hi everyone,
I am sure there are a loto of threads where discussed for scraps.
But I am so curious what is their scope? I can’t use them when I see in my cards a lot o scrap, they are so unused.
There are good news about the scraps?
I need very them… for upgrade my cards, I have a work and can’t play 24/7…
Thanks :wink:

There have been hints that you will be able to use your extra cards in some way (most likely by raising the level of cards from 5 to 6.)

It would be nice if TC added more customisation skins including character skins to the Supply Drop pool instead of the bloody shop.

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I played for months without realizing you could use scrap to upgrade skill cards lol

I’ve been saving all my scrap since launch. I have around 14k which shows how little I play but it feels like I’m rich :slightly_smiling_face:

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Currently support is still working to get my scrap,(hit and miss)sometimes I get scrap other times I don’t,but I’m happy that support got back to me at the end of January and trying to resolve this problem