Scrapping The Lucky Skins?

As the title says. When are we going to be able to scrap them? I really want the 300+ scrap for them.

I wish all skins were scrappable.


yeah same. i wish we could scrap the starters but i know that sadly that probably won’t happen.

I mean like all those JD skins and all those reward skins or all those other ones locked …

Base skins should be “hidden” as long as you have at least one COG and one Swarm to play as …


Honestly I wish TC would add all the skins to inventory craftable or not.

It would make it so much easier about collecting sets of weapons or characters - sort of like they do horde skills but you can’t craft a horde skill until you receive it.

I think at the very least, once you have like 50-75% of the skins, the others should be craftable to let you complete the set.

Trying to get ONE particular weapon can be annoying.


Honestly I’d just like to see the sets - craftable or not - for accounting purposes.

It has been mentioned for the past 18 months, and all we get is the same thing every time.

To be fair to TC, I understand their reasoning, but whenever it gets mentioned the same response just gets said over and over again. Either say yes it is happening or no it isn’t. Simple.

I have multiples of gold, silver, and bronze weapon skins from the rank rewards that I can’t scrap.

Not sure why I would need 2 or 3 of any of them.