Scrapping Extra Horde Cards

I noticed that I have a fair amount of extra cards after hitting level 6 for some of the various horde skills. Is it safe to scrap the extra ones? I’d like to but logic dictates that if I do then level 7 will be announced for the skills.

You might as well just scrap them. Support for Horde and further upgrades to horde skills has ended. Level 7 cards would be damn near impossible to max out.


Thanks for the quick reply. I figured it was over for the Horde upgrades.

No problem. Judging by the live streams and their response to questions the only extra things that are being added to horde are the variants like jingle juvies and trackerball and skins.

Honestly i wish they would give us a 6th card slot

TC confirmed a while ago that they had no plans to create level 7 cards. Given major feature support has ended for Gears 4 it’s safe to say that won’t change.

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could you imagine having to get 50 epic cards to upgrade your epic skills

no thanks

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with a year till the next one id be suprides if anyone even attempted it whilst knowing the system is broken.

On some of the epic skills for the boost they give - 20 cards isn’t worth it as it is.

im keeping my 36 extra grenade damage cards just in case lol

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