Scrap points for skills

I’m trying to level up my horde skills and it requires a lot of scrap for the Epic ones

What packs are best to buy to get the most loot so to speak ?

I get legendary packs and usually get nothing special :confused:

I’m told that the scrap-credit ratio across all packs are the same, and any deviation is due to RNG.

Some players swear blind that certain packs are better for scrap than others but I’m not convinced.

However some packs will give you a better chance at getting certain types of cards. Ops Packs tend to be better at dropping epic Horde skills, while Elite Packs only drop customisation ones etc. However the overall scrap value is pretty much the same fromantic what I’ve seen.

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at this point it seems like i need mostly legendary cards to scrap that will give me 600 points

Like I said, the scrap-credit ratio is apparently consistent across all backs.

So as an example if you buy five Horde packs at 400cr each, the likelihood of you getting a legendary is the same as buying a single Elite Pack (at 2000cr). The total scrap value is also said to be more or less the same too.

Some fans have done large scale studies using large numbers of packs and they found that the scrap accumulated were roughly the same value across all packs.

My advice to do this quickly is to do speedruns. A single 1-50 Inconceivable Ironman run can be done in 50-60 minutes and gets you a minimum of 3,388cr including season pass bonus. Once you factor in bounties and level up credit bonuses and you can get far more.

I’d buy a ton of whatever the special pack is of the week/weekend. Thats how I got most of my scrap