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Scrap for duplicate cards of skills you mastered

Are you getting Scrap for duplicate cards of skills you mastered ?

I want to know because I’m not getting anything.

No and this is bs. They probably will do higher levels later like in g4. But anyways we should be able to scrap anything we want.


Its 5 scrap for a green card so no point in scrapping them and you’ll be glad you have them when they raise the level cap.

I understand this. But people should still have the freedom to scrap anything they want. I am talking about all these useless blood sprays, marks and banners.

Nope, it’s the equivalent of not being able to scrap event skins in Gears4.

If TC raises the lvl cap, cool. Until then, if I cant scrap the things then stop giving me cards I’ve maxed out. It’s just clutter to reduce my chances of getting cards I actually want. Other games had this problem and instead of duplicates they flat out gave you in game currency.

So did gears, but then, you know, a step back across the board for 5

The internet would have a meltdown if they automatically scrapped your duplicate cards and then raised the level cap.

Lol imagine if they raise the level and everyones dupes somehow get lost.

Ok but what about us whove got iver 20 dupes. After all it should give us the option to scrap 1 or all like it did in 4. I mean why does it have to be auto scrap or nothing. After all if a player scraps something its on them.