Scrap drop chances

I know you get it from duplicate cards but my question is if the difficulty matters or is it just random. For instance, do you have just as good of a chance at the duplicate cards on beginner as you do on master?

It’s my understanding that skill cards do not give you scrap so I was wondering about the other ones.

The only way to get scrap is through supply drops. I don’t think difficulty is a factor but having active boost will double the rate at which you earn supply.

Playing on higher difficulty gives more supply drops doesn’t it? It might be correlation and not causation since you spend more time playing for harder difficulty so the supply drops may just be for duration of play.

I was under the impression that it was time based, but I am not certain.

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I also thought it was time based. There needs to be more ways to get scrap though, the current rate is atrocious.

Yeah they need to just let us scrap whatever we want, like we could in Gow4.

That would be a good start, but I still think they need to expand a little more. In Gears 4 there were tons of weapon skins and character skins that could be scrapped. In Gears 5, it’s next to impossible to get anything of epic or legendary rarity to get a decent amount of scrap for.

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I think we should at least be able to scrap anything from supply. Anything that we can craft.


It is.

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Short an sweet

That’s why we love you

Like a midget covered in honey

Or my fantasies are being typed

You decide


Hence my caveat

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At the moment theres only 17 legendary cards you can pull from supply drops (art deco skins)