Scrap cards for gold coins

When will we be able to scrap are cards for gold coins. I know many people have a bunch of duplicate of cards they already have max out. It would help the game progress futher.


Soon I hope, the duplicates annoy the hell out of me.


Yeah, hopefully these things are bundled with Op6.

I have like 50 cards for level 6 dug in for veteran. That’s ridiculous.

50 duplicates for a common? “Rookie numbers”.

Really though, some of us have over 50 duplicates of some Legendaries.

That was the only one I knew off of the top of my head. I know some of my other classes have an unacceptable amount of duplicates.

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Oh man, just noticed this question was asked on the devstream reddit thread
TC has answered “This was addressed on a stream before, the answer then was “Unlikely, because of the level of work it would take, but that is not a ‘no’.”” on a direct question about scrapping duplicates. This certainly sucks. Seems unbelievable, but it looks like TC never had a plan of facilitating scrapping of duplicates. This is something we may need to make some noise about.

Some of us are even in swimming in the hundreds - for multiple classes.

He really said that…? Oh boy… curious how they managed to accomplish it in Gears 4 then.


I think this won’t happen. I’m sitting on thousands of duplicates as many other people are.

If they let us scrap them we would be able to buy everything and TC would gain nothing from this.

If something like the scraping is introduced we would get very little for our duplicates or TC will introduce lvl 7 cards. DON’T PUT THIS PAST THEM!

Remember this game is all about the GRIND.

Also they mentioned somewhen after launch that they didn’t implement it due to people complaining in Gears 4 when level 6 cards were introduced, that people have already scrapped their duplicates and were therefore annoyed.

However what is a bit annoying is when TC keeps implementing new cards. However there is a bunch of ways at least to get to coins and additional card drops now (tour, dailies, featured, medals) but it’s still based on RNG in the end. I still remember the endless grind for Paduk (now Nomad) to max out all 7 Epic cards - now Blademaster is also sitting on 7 Epic cards…

At least the new Legendary cards are the same price as the Epic cards if you want to buy them.

Best way to solve it in my opinion would be that the duplicate cards were automaticallly scrapped (or I guess “coined”), that way people also couldn’t complain if a new level 7 were to be introduced. Even if we would only get a little bit of coins out of it, still better than sitting on hundreds of unused cards.


Gears 5 was missing many things at its launch that Gears 4 had and that should have been there for 5s launch(and that I won’t name here because it is too many). But I guess this is just what we got for it being rushed out and/or not thought through in what state and with what features the game would launch.


so no card scrapping? at all? jeez, this game always has something new to be disappointed about.


Don’t worry this disappointment won’t last as the next one is just around the corner.


Well you’re right about that, there’s something about this game that both surprises me and disappoints all at once… :sweat_smile:

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I would take 20 coins for a legendary at this point. I’d still get a fair bit of coins from that.

Agreed, I don’t think anyone expected to make a fortune from duplicates but if we at least got something for them it would be possible to feel something else than disappointment after finishing a horde match and getting only unusable cards as reward.


Interesting but not surprising.

Couple of things here. I was one of the complainers from Gears 4. I scrapped all duplicates past level 5 to help max all skills. Then TC introduced level 6 skills. That was kind of dirty IMHO. The economy of scrap was horrible. Had I known, I’d have waited.

Since this was a day 1 feature in Gears 4, it’s disappointing that TC doesn’t seem to be interested or able to bring a scrapping system into Gears 5.

If the devs really can’t make it happen, and it’s a big thing to most PVE players, then TC should have the Gears franchise stripped from them after Gears 6.

I don’t see it happening prior to that because it’s undoubtedly under production now. After that, TC should be relegated to producing Facebook games or something else they can actually handle.

I’ve been a supporter while criticizing some bad moves over the past 4-5 years. Now it’s crystal clear they are inept and unworthy.


WTF? So the useless duplicates counter on level 6 skills is just there to taunt us forever over our wasted time? Mind-blowing that they are planning on just leaving those duplicates stacking up infinitely for no purpose at all. And their reasoning is that it’s ‘too hard’ to add something that should’ve been there at launch. :roll_eyes:


@TC_Kilo1062 @TC_MichaelAOS

Could either of you confirm if this is the case? I’ve heard different things about plans to enable players to scrap/cash in excess skill cards. Will we or won’t we?


They never answer they just want us to invest more time and grind to keep the game alive…