Scrap Broken/Supply Drops

Hi guys,

Not getting scrap or supply drops at all, have reset my xbox, reset my connection etc.
Been like this for about 4 days now.

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Are you talking about the one you get when logging in for the first time that day?

Nope you get supply drops by just playing and I am getting none.
No scrap when playing either

Yeah, I know. Was just asking for clarity dude

ok, anyone else had this issue?

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SAME. I’m getting ZERO supply drops. I’ve tried everything. I actually just uninstalled the game. Going to reinstall to see if that magically fixes it

Edit: Full uninstall and reinstall didn’t fix it

Did the same and got no drops, messaged Octus who said he would get back to me but that was 2 weeks ago

I think I found some information. I think it’s a glitch with guest accounts. Like if you ever play with guests this may happen. The game somehow shows supply drops when I put a guest #2 in, and the supply drops show but don’t actually go to my inventory. I’m not sure if the game has glitched and awards supply drops to my guest account and not my main?

It really stinks, but hopefully someone will reply and let us know they are aware or are fixing it.

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