Scrap and Iron are too much of a Grind. No one wants a Battle Pass

its not even a grind, i got 35 scrap in the past 6 days its absurd how annoying it takes to get scrap

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I agree that scrap should be more plentiful but what does that have to do with tour of duty?

who cares about tour of duty, but along with stars why not give scraps as well

I agree. But your reply to me had nothing to do with what I was talking about earlier. Hence my confusion.

Tour of duty character unlocks should have been default starter characters to begin with. Swarm drone and swarm sniper ? Just wow.

And all the campaign skins too… mega wow.

I definitely agree with that. The only skins in the tour of duty I actually want are the weapon skins that you get way later in the tour. I’m just saying that tour of duty is a pretty decent system. The rewards could be better but that’s entirely subjective.

Like most game developers, The Coalition doesn’t give a $H|T what the players want. If any developers do listen :ear:t5:, it’s only to people in groups of 10s of thousands or more. A few dozen to a few dozen fans of the game(s) in question mean absolutely zilch. I can’t count how many times I’ve reached out to developers for the tiniest little things, most of which were implemented but only partially, and I wanted them FULLY implemented and got nowhere. “Thanks, ‘:free: market’!”. :roll_eyes::unamused: