Scrap and Iron are too much of a Grind. No one wants a Battle Pass

The grind to get Iron and Scrap is so difficult. How do you expect anyone who doesn’t play horde ( Even for horde players the Objectives are still hard to get ). I personally and alot of the community play multiplayer. We want to get the characters but It doesn’t seem worth it. We don’t like horde and even the rewards for horde, You only go up 3 or 4 levels. TC, Please lower the amount of Grinding to get characters. When you guys said that the Characters would be unlockable, We didn’t think It would be behind a currency and in an item shop in like it’s Fortnite. I don’t want a battle pass in Gears.





is there anything you guys dont ■■■■■ about?


Think they should make the rewards earnable per gamemode. So that Pvp player does not have to play horde. And PVE player does not have to play pvp. Just make it a tour choice. Pve or pvp. Maybe per category. Basics, weapons etc.

So example for pve complete 5 horde matches any difficulty, that’s about 10 hours.
Then same for pvp complete 25 koth games win or lose. Thats about 10 hours.

This would make it better for everyone. If made reasonable equal.


How did you miss the point

I didn’t miss the point. Just pointing out hypocrisy. TC gave us earnable skins/customizations through gameplay. That’s what the community has been asking to return since gears 4 and the microtransaction loot boxes. Whether or not you think the earnable rewards are worth it, is ultimately subjective. I think that being able to directly pay for the skins you want in the store is a step in the right direction, but I believe they are asking too much money for them. $10 for a couple weapon skins is ridiculous. I was just pointing out that it’s a lose/lose situation for TC. People complained about microtransaction lootboxes and asked for earnable characters/cosmetics. TC gave us that in Gears 5 and people are still complaining.

I understand that a lot of people just prefer to play multiplayer and that’s fine. But it seems kind of silly to complain that you may have to play another mode like horde or escape to unlock everything. That’s like saying “There shouldn’t be horde/escape achievements because I only play multiplayer and I want to 100% the game.”


I like the ToD system but i gotta say though, that i don’t understand why they made scrap so hard to obtain when it isn’t obtainable with real money,


the rewards are mediocre to try and push people towards spending cash on Iron. the way we get stuff is different but the predatory practice is the same.


I know you’re seriously not suggesting that the way you unlock things in Gears 5 is anything like in the first 3


Gears 3 Unlocks

COG Gear Reach Level 2
Dizzy Wallin Reach Level 7
Samantha Byrne Reach Level 4
Jace Stratton Reach Level 10
Clayton Carmine Reach Level 14
Classic Dom Reach Level 17
Classic Cole Reach Level 23
Classic Baird Reach Level 30
Benjamin Carmine Reach Level 34
Civilian Anya Reach Level 45
Colonel Hoffman Reach Level 50
Anthony Carmine Reach Level 75
Unarmored Marcus Finish the campaign on any difficulty level
Golden Gear Unlock the bronze War Supporter Medal
Classic Marcus Unlock the silver Veteran medal
Chairman Prescott Unlock the silver Allfathers Medal
Superstar Cole Unlock the gold MVP medal
Aaron Griffin Unlock the Big Money Onyx Medal / OR ‘Like’ the Gears of War 3 Facebook page
Mechanic Baird Preorder bonus (Best Buy)
Commando Dom Preorder bonus (GameStop)
Adam Fenix Preorder bonus (Gears of War 3 Limited or Epic Edition)
Cole Train Play the multiplayer beta

Gears 5 Unlocks

Anything Complete Seriously 5.1

This 100%. If you choose to only play part of a game then you will only get part of the rewards and experience.

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No it’s not the EXACT same way. You’re right about that much. But you still earn cosmetics through playing the game. On your list, half of the characters are earned by getting medals. What’s the best way to get through the tour of duty in Gears 5? Getting medals…

What about the other half? Right now 100% of unlocks are earned by jumping through hoops and playing game modes I don’t want to play. Not to mention the unlocks are TIME-CAPPED. The max amount of currency you can earn a week is random and capped. That did not exist in Gears 1-3. The systems are not the same and you know it.
Medals aren’t even the same so miss me with that garbage too. Medals are mode-locked in Gears 5. If I want to unlock Desert Armor Del I need to play horde mode. If I want to play Swarm Hunter it’s time for escape!
The new system is nothing like previous Gears


I never said the systems were the same. In fact if you had bothered to read my previous post, I mentioned that you were right in saying they aren’t the EXACT same system. Jump through hoops? You’re given medals and daily challenges that tell you what you need to do to earn the stars. So I don’t necessarily understand what you mean by “jumping through hoops”. Seems pretty straight forward to me. You have daily challenges or medals to earn that clearly state what you need to do. So you either complete the challenge or you don’t it’s entirely up to you.

If you don’t want to play horde or escape that’s entirely up to you. It’s your game, you choose how you want to play it. That being said though, you can’t play a portion of the game and expect to get 100% of the rewards. Medals aren’t the same? In a literal standpoint I guess you’re right.

Gears 3 medals: Gives you objective. When it’s completed you are rewarded.

Gears 5 medals: Gives you objective. When it’s completed you are rewarded.

Medals were mode-locked in Gears 3 as well. I don’t know why you thought that was a good rebuttal. Gears 3 had medals for Campaign, MP and Horde. So yeah I would call those “mode-locked”. In fact you had to play horde to unlock Aaron Griffin because it required the big money medal. So even Gears 3 required you to play other modes to unlock certain characters. Anyways by the tone you’re taking here, it just seems like you came to argue. I’ve said my two cents, so reply to your hearts content.

Gears 4 loot box system was better IMO and none of the skills over level 5 give you scrap so if you get a duplicate skill congrats you effectively got nothing at least not from the skills so playing Escape is pretty unrewarding if you trying to grind out common skills you don’t really get supply boxes for playing Intermediate or Experienced and you get a whooping 2 common skills most of the time which can ofcourse be duplicates of already maxed out skills as mentioned and if both skills are duplicates of maxed skills and you don’t earn a supply crate you just wasted X minutes of your life for nothing at all. Whereas in Gears 4 at least you’d earn credits and could scrap your maxed skill cards. On the plus side for Horde and Escape you do get at least 1x of every skill for leveling so it removes part of the luck factor in simply obtaining a 1x, but it does lock out people from getting duplicates who can’t play the harder difficulties and the drop rates of the more rare skills seem pretty low at least for Escape, Intermediate horde seems to be pretty good for atleast 1x rare for a 1-50 run, but that’s a hefty investment for a single rare skill.

I’m waiting for them to announce that you’re expected to re-up 20 times each tour of duty and your level is reset for every tour of duty, for those have re-upped there is a note on the rewards that says they’re obtained from Tour of Duty 1 after all 2000 levels every 3 months keeping in mind if you’re boosted now that your gain will be halved for the next round.

All that said too getting the medals seem to be oddly skewed for instance lets take one of the longest horde medals to legitimately earn 300 fortifications with Del, if you play the horde match and are going for a win you get maybe 10-12 fortifications built per horde run if you finish 1-50 that’s 1-2 hours each for a total that’s somewhere around 30-60 hours depending on how fast you finish things. Alternatively you can farm fortifications by starting at a later wave and get it in about 10 minutes dropping 13 barriers by starting a horde match solo on wave 50 seems a bit askew for how much it’s worth compared to JD’s or Marcus’ medal which you have to complete legitimately. Marcus’ isn’t so bad, but JD’s basically encourages you to take all the ammo on the map as often as possible since you get a single grenade per crate to slog out those 500 kills. Doesn’t feel like these were play tested to me to give the appropriate amount of ToD stars based on their actual time investment.

@WD_Hawkeye what they should do is allow you to have you dailies be filtered for the game mode you play.


Thats not a bad idea

@WD_Hawkeye thank you. I’ve been trying to get TC to see that suggestion and at least give me feedback on it.

The way I see it is they need to add a few things on top of my filter suggestion:

1: add weekly objects on top of dailies
2: add scraps as a method to reroll your daily objectives. The free content isn’t 100% free if you add your paid currency as a barrier to achieve stars.
3: Add scrap rewards at level 25, 50, 75, 100, and a larger reward when you reup. The current cosmetic rewards aren’t satisfying.

Yeah, GOW5 should have mixed things up a bit and have at least SOME character skins unlockable through playing the campaign.


There riding the battle pass wave, there better as they were before I’m with you .