Scouts still come with 3 weapons correct?

I was just in a match where the scout sat at the back doing nothing until 5 or less swarm were left then he picked up some points. We finally left after wave 16 he had 1 kill now I am not saying be the hero but really you still get 3 weapons can you at least fire a shot or mark enemies? It’s either you get a scout that is a hero or does nothing but pick up power has anyone else experienced this? Also it makes no difference the difficulty selected same results on scouts.

Scouts job is to get the power…Sure he can go out and get kills but that’s not his priority…Not sure which map or difficulty but he was probably waiting until those 5 guys remained to run and get the power so he won’t get killed


So you are fine with a scout doing nothing?

They could have been busy in real life, some multi-task.
Scouts do spawn with three weapons, Retro, Gnasher and Snub.
They may not have had Shotgun Damage equipped, or knew their weapons were weak or wouldn’t inflict much Damage, unless picked up different weapons.
At least they were doing the tip, “wait till few enemies alive then go out to collect power”.

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I’m perfectly fine with it…the rest of the team has it all covered…I run scout a lot and I do the same and no one says anything about it…if you have a good team you will be fine

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The Scout serves the purpose of obtaining power. The Scout should choose skills that support that goal (Power pickup-radius, Health boost, Health regen speed, deposit bonus & movement speed).

I do agree that the Scout should be helping out fight off the Horde, but if your team is incompetent enough that it’s a must for him to fight, he’s the least of your problems.


As far as im aware the scouts damage output is only really useful on hardcore and below. In my eyes as long as they are getting the power it’s fine for them to not go for kills.


I just need to run a scout then and just do nothing I guess I have been playing it wrong for a while not sure why I even have a weapon then.

I don’t think it is that bad. Maybe in earlier rounds the scouts should participate but I’d say wave 30ish and beyond they really don’t make much of an impact like the heavy, soldier, or sniper do even with the improved shotgun damage. Not only that but like Hayabusa said:

When I play as a scout I may use that time after I get and deposit power to respond to a text or go get something to eat, So I think it is justified, especially in later rounds.


I am a wings level 2 and kinda know what each class does but I guess being a scout is a break from marking or shooting anything.

And dont forget Scouts usually double up as a medic.


Nothing wrong with Scouts sitting back until the last bunch of enemies on higher difficulties. There are other slayer roles that can easily kill everything. Their job is irritating enough as it is.


I’ve got no problem with Scouts doing nothing, as long as they get the power. That’s the purpose of the Scout. Yes, shooting and marking help, but it isn’t of paramount importance that they do this. I’m not going to call them out or anything like that, because if you have a good team, it shouldn’t get to that point.


Whenever I play scout I collect 95-100% of the power before the wave ends, finish with 30+ revives and after 50 waves I don’t have more than 30 kills (trackers, juvies and guardians when I’m carrying a dropshot).

As long as I play the class, being active the whole wave or stay still until there’s five left is perfectly fine.

I play as a scout, I didn’t realize people saw us as heroes or doolittles haha. I hero it up for the first 35 waves shogun blasting everyone then I start hanging back. I never do nothing in the spawn though, I just sit in the base and use a rifle to soften up targets and mark them

Engineers used to place turretS so scouts could stay back and firing, only to wait for the right time to start collecting.

I keep running and collecting during wave, to get all double energy possible.

And I change shotgun by dropshot. It’s much more effective to strike bigger threats.

But you gotta be aware: an offensive scout is more vulnerable. When downed… Geez, the whole team can go after him and get wiped out.

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I usually play as a scout and venture out killing and collecting energy for the in-wave bonus. Later waves I hop on a turret if there is an empty one, and wait until there are 5 or slightly more before making the roadie run. What has been surprising as I’ve been leveling my engineer, is how many scouts either don’t drop off the energy after each wave, or wait 4 or 5 waves before making the drop.

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The scout you played with is doing so because he got used to it of speedruns. its a legit tactic there, but a d*ck move in regular horde. whenever theres time and room, he could have been shooting

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Thank you finally someone gets it

Oh that has to be it…yeah I am sure he is used to speedruns because everyone speedruns and all scouts that speedrun do the same thing…ok nice logic I get it

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