Scout, Taps or maybe both?

Which do you prefer of the two
Gears 4 Scout class or Gears 5 Energy Taps?
Would you like to see a return in Scout or should it be left in Gears 4?

Personally I enjoy Scout for the first 20 Waves but after that it becomes more tedious. On inconceivable you don’t even really get to run out as much on wave 30+ because your tank cards become less effective. I think if done right Scout could make a good return in Gears 6 with how detailed Gears 5 Horde Classes and cards are.

It’s definitely more of a Frenzy class though imo. 50 Waves of collecting energy can get tiring lol.

What’s your definition of Scout class?

The Infiltrator was an ex-Scout class as it previously had +25% power passive and shares a lot of similar cards.

Before the character hero system was disbanded, all the classes were grouped in roles from Scout, Tank, Support and Offense.

Brawler, Infiltrator and Nomad share Gears 4 Scout features but none of them have power bonus anymore.

In Gears 4, Scout can survive Wave 30+ Incon with Deposit Bonus, Energise, Health Boost, Health Regeneration Boost and Speed Boost but Wave 40+ not so much.

Gears 4 Scout would have been welcome for variety but if not both, I would have chosen Taps and you may not have Scout in every Horde / Frenzy game, because there would be 19-20 classes to choose from if Scout included.

Good god Taps is much better. We can actually have a Horde game if no one wants to play Scout

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I prefer taps, they provide more benefits than a Scout, everyone can access the taps, and you are not relying on your teammates as much.

I Guess pretty much this. The power advantage Scout had over other classes is what made it an important role but if everyone has equal payout…then I’m not sure if I’d call that the same thing. I understand what you mean with Infiltrator though, It’s clearly supposed to be Scouts successor with similar cards.

Probably the most common complaint yeah, I think Scout was my main played class in publics due to this issue honestly.

Taps are definitely a great feature but I feel like horde was always about needing good coordination.

Scout will always better than roomba jack, no argument there.

Scout versus taps?, hmmm it depends, sometimes taps are very difficult to keep alive due to map layout and other times your team just don’t know / care about them. Taps are most of the time a team effort rather than a lone wolf scout.

Personal preference? I always enjoyed playing as a Scout, would love to see it comeback on G6. Naturally it’s main problem was that with no scout it was difficult to complete a 50 on inconceivable.

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If it were to make a comeback it should be treated as a luxury and not a necessity. At the same time make it perfectly normal for regular horde to be completed without it. Suppose this is where the balance of everything comes in…