Scorpio drone hunter question

Anyone know a quick easy way to get this metal? 750 is a bit too much. Maybe there is a map with a lot of drone I don’t know about? Thanks in advanced!!

I would suggest The Surge (obviously on beginner).

Just an advanced word - only normal Drones (those carrying a Hammerburst) and Imagos count as a “drone”.

One of the mutators for The Surge is “More Drones” - DO NOT use this mutator. I’ve played this map many many times both using, and not using this mutator. It genuinely DOES NOT add anything that is classed as a “drone”. It only adds Grenadiers and Hunters. God only knows why, but it is what it is.

The first half of this map, consists of 3 different paths which eventually converge onto a final section and the shower-room / checkpoint. Each path has about 8 Drones (the Hammerburst users). The last section before the shower-room contains another 4 Drones.

At the start pick any path, clear it, and then double back and clear the 2nd path, double back again and clear the 3rd and last path and then continue, You’ll see that the reason you have to double back, is that after the initial paths, you drop down off a ledge, so you can’t access another path by moving forward - you must double back.

The key is to go quickly and then you can clear all 3 paths.

The last section of the map only contains Juvies and Elite Drones (which do not count toward this Medal so don’t bother with them) you can run through it quickly (in case you also need to complete Escape chapters for whatever reason). I’d recommend taking the right-sided path, follow it until it veers back to the centre, and then you end up at the exit.

I find this map very good cos there’s no randomness to the enemy encounters. They are always the same, whereas some other maps’ enemy encounters are randomised.