Scoreboard/results glitched horde 50 waves (master)

Last night I’ve had it again, I’ve played a master horde run and I jumped 3 runs instead of one, meaning it should be my 509th run as engi, I was 512 when I’ve looked. Also the map I’ve played jumped instead of 22x to 24x mastered.

A good 10 days ago I also jumped 6x instead of 1x, and not only me, all people around me on the worldwide ranking ( yes I’ve got no life) jumped. Some days after, almost a whole week, each run you’ve completed didn’t add directly, took almost 12 hours per run, like they wanna add by looking first if it was correct? past few days this was over and added directly again to your scoreboard. But last night another jump. A friend of me chasing number 1 placings complained a guy did 25x a map. On 24 hours, and no we are not talking overload map but Speyer. Which is impossible on certain time.

I know the game is glitched, my MP achievo’s didn’t updated for almost 6 weeks. But this I never saw until that first jump 2 weeks ago. What’s up???

I don’t think TC careless to be honest.