Score from ranked matches not updating / leaderboard not updating

I’ve been playing today in ranked Guardian, I’ve played maybe 4 or 5 games and after each one it says there was an error retrieving match results, and my place on the leaderboard is not updating. Im worried im gonna miss out on top 1000 since season ends tomorrow :frowning: anyone else getting this?

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The same thing is happening with me as well. I’m ranked #940 in FFA and the score is just not updating for me.

Every online mode is a laggy mess right now. It’s not surprising backend tracking is totally ■■■■■■ at the moment.

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its clearly working for some people, I’ve dropped a few spots in FFA and Guardian :frowning: hope it adds on the score before the season ends

I have been having the same issue too!! I have been stressing over my score all day because I am currently ranked #815 I started today at 804 but I haven’t had my score added in yet. Now I am 815… :frowning: Is my work really saved or is all this work for nothing?

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The issue is still going on today almost a full 24 hours later. If I lose out on my skins just because of some server-side issue I will be pissed. It is obviously working for some because my ranks continue to drop and there is nothing I can do about it.

Seems to be getting better now, my score has updated and I have gone up on the leaderboard, so at least the score is being properly recorded still