Score at least 1k, 2k per match MEDAL

Since these medals don’t specify a certain gametype, they should be replaced. They are versus medals and the vast majority of the PvP players gravitate to KOTH. You can only get 250 pts max.

I don’t follow. I’ve only played a few KOTH matches in OP4 but all of them have been over 2k. Isn’t the 250 limit only for GP in ranked, not the regular points system?


Yes, I think the OP is confusing ranking points with scoreboard.


I don’t follow, either. What do you mean they have all been over 2k? Experience and points are two different things buddy. There is no “regular point system” anymore. GP is now the new “point system”

In quickplay you still get scores and no GP’s. But those medals seem a bit glitched because I was playing co op vs AI and only the ‘win so many times with the COG’ medal went up but the 1k 2k medals only went up once while I played 5-6 of matches in a row.

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This is my point, those medals need to be addressed. I just don’t know the appropriate thread, or place, to do so. If anyone knowledgeable reads this please do so.

You are confused. I play coop koth for these medals, no problems getting 2,000+ point score.


I mean GP only applies to ranked, In the other modes the scoring is the same as it’s always been. If these medals were on the ranked tab then I could understand it using GP but that’s not the case.

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The medals have nothing to do with GP. You need to get a score of 2k. Easy to do in most modes.

GP is for ranked. You get scores for kills, caps, breaks, denials, touchdowns ect in EVERY mode

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Who wants to play casual? Not me. There is no “casual medals” list

You’re missing the point more than Shaq misses free throws

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Seems like you’re missing the point.

You think that you cant get 1k or 2k because theres not enough GP to get right? So what am I missing???

GP has nothing to do with these medals

You fundamentally understood the medals wrong
The medals are for the score you got in the game,that is, the score from your kills, assists, caps etc. That score then kind of decides how much GP you get. It is not asking you to earn 1000 GP, just get a match score of 1k or 2k

Something is broken. I only play ranked, and it is not giving me progress towards these specific medals. MVP multiple times (maxed out stats). So you guys who seem to have it all figured out, tell me what IM missing. I play ranked.

What mode are you playing?

It could just be bugged for you. There are a few medals that are bugged for people

KOTH, . . I mean it’s frustrating but the way the TOD and the store is set up now, the more I think about the medals the more I lose interest. Because I already have the skins I want. Sorry if I seemed crappy.