Scorcher skins sets

I noticed on quite a few weapon skin sets the scorcher is not included

Any reasoning behind this?

Legacy Sets, aka any skin sets made prior to OP5 wont include Scorcher skins. Its a bummer but I guess It makes sense not to waste what little man power they do have on making a Scorcher skin for every set prior.

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The skins have already been made, it only takes maybe 1 or 2 people to change the texture map to fit the weapon.

They’re constantly making new skins, which takes more time and effort, so it wouldn’t be too much trouble for the guys already making them to apply it to one more weapon.

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Was the scorcher not available pre op5?

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Nope, it was added when OP5 dropped. I am pretty bummed that the previous sets weren’t updated to include the scorcher, just makes them feel incomplete compared to everything that was made post-op 5.