Scorcher icon in game

I was playing the new hive when I got killed by a Scion with a freezing mulcher and then a Scorcher icon appeared. I think it’s just a placeholder for now, but I would like to see it again.


Nice catch. Probably a sign.

Yup, noticed this too. Probably just a glitch.

This sign was already spotted in the Ice Queen hive. It would appear if you were killed by one of the Snipers that freeze you(if the according modifier is turned on). But considering that it looks rather low res and there is other old icons showing up(such as the Mk2 Lancer icon showing in low res in some or a lot of cases of a Popper dying), I don’t think there is much to be seen here and might just be some leftover from the past, however that would make its way into Gears 5.

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Thought I was going crazy. no matter what you kill a popper with, the old lancer art pops up.

I think the scorcher should have an additional effect on drones+smaller enemies. Makes them flee in terror when on fire. Obviously things like scions and bosses it wouldn’t work, rejects probably wouldn’t care cause they’re mostly machines. It would be a neat crowd control weapon.

Not always. I’ve occasionally seen Lancer GL or Talon icons pop up upon a Popper kill(it seems unreliable when the game credits you the kill on a Popper or not), but if you cause a chain reaction(which are hilarious to observe so long as you’re not caught in them), there’ll be loads of old Lancer icons appearing.

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And the Sires? In Gears of War 2 you could kill them with a scorcher

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We used to be able the chainsaw them -.-

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Right, but I think that in Gears 5 would have been too easy

I posted about this when the ice queen map 1st came out.

I Asked @TC_Octus on dev stream one time about this, apparently its due to a team with the task of placing placeholders within the game UI, he said they take their job quite seriously.

Also I remember someone asked @N0DEZER0 about the return of old weapons like the scorcher and basically he said there are some technical challenges, that they didn’t took, because it would require more time and cause even more time to balance the gun across all modes and maps etc. etc

Can’t remember which dev streams though, otherwise would gladly paste a link to both answers

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That’s awesome. I used to love sneaking up on my teammates with that. And being like hey someone is behind f you then immediately dousing them in flames and watching them freak out till they realised it was me.

Ohhh the good old days. ;).

As far as I remember from Gears 1 editor, kill info icon is defined in damagetype class. So basicly the reason that scorcher icon exist in game is simple. Knowing the low resolution of that icon, the image holding weapon icons is taken from probably gears 2 as it does not need to be hi resolution. Tc coders just typed bad render area from image, or scorcher icon is a template for base damagetype class(main class for all damage types in game) and the inheriting class (which is freezeng damage for weapon) did not overwrite this setting.

That would be awesome I loved the scorcher. I miss Gears 3 lol

The real mvp was the Judgment Scorcher that wrapped around cover and is OP to this day. Still liked it more than the mace tbh

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