Scorcher feedback for PvP

I played 2 matches, both on Nexus, and wow I just loved the weapon. It reminds me of the digger, where it can be used as a zoning tool with the active burning terrain. Extremely good for breaking hills when they are all clumped up or covering flanks with the active or even limiting movement in general.

I also like that when you run out of ammo with the weapon, it doesn’t let you active it unlike other weapons. You can only active it with the set timer after pickup or after getting an active. Good balance decision so that the active can’t be used to abusive lengths.

I do think it might have a bit too much ammo though? Maybe lowering it by 20? But again, it was only 1 game, so need to test more.

Just giving my thoughts! Just love the weapon as I might not be the best player mechanicly but I do have good tactical knowledge back from my GoW3 days. Really brought me back and was a huge breath of fresh air.


It feels a lot weaker in pvp compared to other games in the series. But in PVE it melts bosses so quickly.

idk in my experience it was doing work. i wasnt over commiting, pressuring a lot with the fire, as it can hit people in cover if you aim above or even to the right/left of them.

i like that it trades the distance of the scorcher from 3 (that I remember, as I think the active was longer range) for the area denial.

I went into a custom 1v1 with someone and tested it out and its insane how it can hit people over/in cover without active. very strong.

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All I know is on PVP when someone’s got the scorcher out…RUN