School of 08 Achievement Solo?

Like the title says is it possible to get this solo or do I have to have a squad? My friends absolutely HATE the horde mode so I cant get them to do this. Thanks to anyone who responds. :slight_smile:

I believe it has to be on at least Hardcore so I’d say you need more than one player.

That’s fine I could totally do it on hardcore alone. (Just take a while) however has anyone tried it solo and achieved it was really my question. Also thanks for the quick response.

Ah, gotcha. I mean if you feel like you can do it then by all means go for it. I know one person here said they did it solo but I don’t think it was on Hardcore as the achievement didn’t unlock for them. If you decide you need a team for it you can always put out an LFG post on Xbox as there will likely be others in need of it or just willing to help. :v:

Hopefully someone can chime in regarding this because I’ve heard from some people that Horde achievements require at least two players in order to unlock. Keep that in mind just in case. :nerd_face:

Ok thanks for all the help bro. :slight_smile:

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If you try it solo please record it. It would be quite a feat even for Horde vets I imagine.

Kait Diaz 1 said, on old foruns, he manage to do that on hardcore. With a scout and decoys.

I’ll try insane 25 on one of these sundays when only noobs pop out. 50 is too long.