Scavenger Pack Question

The preview shows Outer Wilds Kait as a legendary card, but it is only a purple epic. What’s up with that?

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It might have been a mistake, or the MOTD was an older image before deciding to change to Epic.

About an hour ago I bought 15 or so packs for 400cr each, now when I looked there a minute ago they’re 2000cr each, what’s up with that?

It was also a mistake. :slightly_smiling_face:
Good on you, for buying them early! :+1:

Lol, finally something works out nicely, purple cards galore for a one time only freak discount, I’ll take it.

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Heh, I was just coming here to post that as I noticed the same… bought 15 packs @ 400 CR each when immediately available but only just opening them now after playing for a bit… and they are five cards each, and now 2000 CR! Bargain for those who got in early.

And yeah, Kait is an epic not a legendary, pulled her on the first pack I opened!

They should be 400. Kind of BS charging 2000 without a chance of legendary


Damn, I wished I realized they screwed up. Bought 20 packs at 400cr. Got Kait, and all weapon skins. Really good Epic drop rate, so got a ton of scrap. If I had known they had screwed up, I would have bought more packs for the scrap alone. Damn.

Do the Jack Skins even look good?
I was really considering whether to get Full Skin Set.

My only surprise was that there are two emblems instead of one.
Outer Wilds Emblem and JACK Emblem.

Only had enough for one 2000 credit pack & got Kait in it, so I’m good to go. Not too impressed with the Jack skins (got Torque & Longshot)

This many in 9 packs. Not surprised many are getting on first try!

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Bought 35 packs as soon as they were up, roughly 3 purple’s per pack. Went to grind a 5xp run and came back to them being 2000 credits a piece.

What a letdown but I did grab about 8k in Scrap from those 35 400credit packs

Yea I wish I had known they were 400 for a bit!

I think 2000 is too much for the content. I don’t like a 2000 box without a chance for a legendary which could be 600 scrap (which we all need for those grindy horde skills)

In regards to the weapon skins: no they are not cool they are pretty junk honestly. Just a small symbol on them that you can hardly see


no way! i was wondering why it seemed like such a good deal for 5 cards with an epic or more for each pack. glad i logged in early before my exams,

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Yea I bought 3 packs and got it on my first try too. Think I may not get any more though. Trying to save for a time when I can get legendary dupes for my horde classes

LOL i bought them for 400, spent 3000 credits and unlocked every single item on the set, all weapon skins, kait and the 2 emblems

so lucky!

would anybody mind posting pic of jack emblem i heard about? or is it same jackbot emblem already craftable in customization?

When I saw that I was getting 5 cards for 400, with a lot of epics, I spent all of my 16000 credits. The amount of scrap I got was great.

honestly, TC should.just do an early bird special for all their new packs. im sure itd yield alot of credits.