Scam esports packs

Regardless if he was free prior. Not all people, play all the time, and know when what character is up for grabs at what times.

To blatantly charge $20 for a single character, is a rip off to the extreme.

Especially when compared to previous DLC models.

A free to play title has these price points, not a fully paid AAA title.

Its embarrassing


Ok, I get that it’s waaay over priced and a damn rip off… my point is simply this… there was a free give away event for Aaron griffin… one where you didn’t need to spend money and you would have him.

Now, acting like it took sooooo much time and effort to do the event is another topic all together. To say it was too tough to get him for free is an asinine statement. HORDE KILLS COUNTED…
I’m married, I have 4 kids, i work a full time job, and i have plenty of travel ball teams to take up my time and yet… in about an hour of horde (playing with my 14 year old son)on one single day of the weekend, I unlocked him… so little effort needed. So don’t whine that you missed the free unlock when it was so easily attainable… if you couldn’t do it at all then that’s different and believe me I understand. I happen to find 1 hour that particular weekend and, boom, free character.

I think you’re missing the point. The point isn’t whether we as individuals got the Griffin skin for free through that challenge or not. The point is the very fact that the Griffin skins costs $20. Just because we’re not personally affected by something doesn’t mean we can’t feel outraged at something, and it’s clear that a fair number of players find the cost of the Griffin skin outrageous.

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I’m quoting myself… because… yeah…

It’s like talking to my teenager… :roll_eyes:

Reading is fundamental. . :laughing:

I’m not whining I missed him. I could care less. Its the fact that TC is charging $20 for a single character, regardless who that character is, or if it was free prior.

That makes it even worse, a free earnabke character, you now want $20 for? Laughable.

And no, I don’t have time, I’m away from my Xbox for weeks at a time, as I work a camp job.

So I don’t always know when what is dripping, and what isn’t.

Nice try at the oh I’m so busy but if you’d do it bs.

That’s you…not me.

I’m gone sometimes 7 weeks straight. With only a sat phone to use one hour a week, and emails to check daily via the group computer


I think more broadly, there’s the issue around the actual market around downloadable custom skins and how they are valued. The way things are priced sets a certain standard in terms of defining what we as consumers can expect to get for a particular price. I hope that if TC decide to drop the RNG nature of their Gear Packs that it doesn’t lead to them charging $20 per character, because that would be crazy. But if we as consumers accept this price as the norm then who knows?

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These events should never be timed.

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I just find it amazing how with the first three supporter packs I ever bought I got Black Steel Classic Baird all three times when I really wanted the Primordial Gnasher.

I really wish packs like this kept track of what you had already to avoid duplicates. I’d be much more willing to spend my money on aesthetics if things were guaranteed after a certain amount of tries that didn’t number in the double digits. Especially since I don’t really care to actually support eSports. I just want cool skins. It’s just unfortunate that the majority of them are locked through incredible amounts of playtime or pay walls.

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Mass Effect 3 and Andromeda did this exact concept for their MP.

As you unlocked stuff, you wouldn’t get it twice. Sure weapons went up to level X (10). But once you received max level with a weapon , you wouldn’t pull it at all, and the pool shrunk for every pull you made period.

Yes, precisely what I meant. I’m fine with that.

I understand that it would conflict with the scrapping system but if scrapping was made to be more of a sacrifice than it is now then it’d be worth considering.

For example, I, for the life of me, cannot get an Assault Rifle Accuracy card from Horde packs, and I’ve opened about 100 of them within the past two months, which is a lot for me. Not one accuracy card.

If instead, I could craft that card, at a higher price, and at the expense of a rare or ultra rare skin for a character and/or weapon skin, then I’d have to make that call. Right now, scrapping is completely useless to me outside of Bounties which I rarely use, which could also be sold as packs with Credits and also scrapped and recycled as well.

Just an extremely quick concept I came up with just now that I feel like would make this RNG system a bit more tolerable.