Scam esports packs

Legit u guys gotta stop with the dupes in them bought 5 esports 9 packs and got 4 black steel Coles this is just ■■■■■■■■ now 10 bucks 4 duplicates

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lol, yup… RNG… Great…

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There are not duplicates within a pack.

Each pack offers a character - so you got what you paid for.

This is the reason why esports packs don’t sell that much. While there are a lot people that buy several packs each time they are released, they account to what, 1% of total population?

Sell the cards individually and I guarantee TC will sell ten times or more.


That’s what you deserve for feeding this horrible practice.


Im not sure that is the definition of duplicates…

Although i agree that he got what he paid for, if you’re still supporting this practice 2 years later then im worried for what they’ll do to us take as much money as possible in Gears 5.

TC to become the new EA?

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Stop using money on gears packs. Not worth it. Way too overpriced for a chance, just a chance for a character. Gambling is bad for you.

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That’s what you are paying for,

A pack with no dupes and a character per pack.

Now there are 3 characters - what’s it supposed to do when you have all 3?

The same pack won’t give you a duplicate…

I agree with others - vote with your wallet and don’t buy the packs so they can change …

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Hahahaha they saw you coming a mile away

They should have changed this system a long time ago. Yet they haven’t, that’s your fault though you know that these packs are slot machines and yet you bought them regardless.

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Scrap those 3, And craft other cole varieties ! There you have it. 4 different Cole characters …

nvm i thought its Legendary card …

The sad thing is if each esports supporter packs were like 30$ and it came with every character and weapon skins they would have got more money. But TC decided to go to the Activision/EA route and make us gambling for our favorite characters . I would have bought esports supporters 1-9 if they were all guaranteed. Hopefully if TC put esports in gears 5 then they will do it the guaranteed route.

No one is forcing you to buy the packs. They are guaranteeing 1 character,

I personally think that The Coalition should sell all characters and weapon skis for Esports 9 for $29.99, similarly like they did with the Run the Jewels pack.

I had to buy 7 packs to get Baird. I bought 2 packs every couple of weeks until i finally got Baird this weekend. I got 4 Doms first, then 2 Coles and finally Baird. I also don’t mind supporting the Gears Esports scene.

Still that 70$ most people can’t put that much money out just for getting characters and if those packs were 30$ (guaranteed everything) you could easily bought something else like an optic supporter pack too. And at the endof the day I know there not forcing me to buy anything but I like to collect every skin in a game.

30 dollars is way too much for an E sports pack

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Is it to much when it comes with everything? Think about it if you go buy 10 packs for 85$ deal you still might not get everything in the pack. And I know a friend who bought 10 esports supporters 8 packs and he got 6 Myrahh and 4 Hoffman and never got a skorge.

Yes. Yes it is. This game cost 60 dollars. You’re telling me buying an e sport pack at 30 dollars for lazy reworked characters skin is worth it?
If I’m paying that much I should be getting more than skins

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The embarrassing one is the Aaron Griffin pack.

$20 for a damn character. That’s MORE than the entire RAAMS shadow DLC w chapter episode, maps, skins , and characters at $14.99

Pathetic imo

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Or you could have gotten him for free when the event happened. .

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Or they could have not made it a timed challenge and allowed people to get him whenever. There is no reason for it to be timed other than greed. Personally I’m not a griffin fan so it’s whatever but the amount of people I saw asking for him was ridiculous so clearly he’s very popular and only having him for a limited time was a ■■■■■■ move

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