SBMM update just ruined this game

Went from instant game times to 5min+ wait times in ffa.
Game will die quick again with this update.

They added SBMM? When did that happen?

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you know, if the matchmaking is turned on now to be competitive, you have to wait for people to place to actually vs opponents.

knee jerk reaction zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Does this mean I don’t have to play against pc players now?
Because it’s getting real close to an Uninstall at this current rate

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It says nothing about that, so I would assume not, unless all the PC players get that much further ahead of you in skill.


Oh its not skill.

I watched a 4 stack of PC players yesterday play on 30FPS, 60 FOV and most were on controller.

They still dominated.

Any further smartass responses? (Said with love not anger :stuck_out_tongue:)


Depends. Did the put Ez in the game chat after the win?

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No, respectable players only put in ez after losses :stuck_out_tongue:


Snubbs and I played a 4 stack of PC on tomb. We couldn’t keep up. I watched one on the stairs go from up a to up a.

I can’t compete with that crap. These people just move smoother than I.

( hey you closed the pc thread…i was all set to rant in there last night after loosing 5 games in a row. )


Sorry mate, feel free to rant away :slight_smile:

and yeah, some rigs definitely have an unfair advantage, especially over those who have older consoles. Some players are also insanely good, and they often all use PC, which is a lethal combination.

seeing people complain about PC vs console is funny af, they be complaining about like 1-2% of PC players getting 160fps instead of the 120fps on console using the exact same fov and having the same options for inputs.
Most “budget” or “mid-range” pc players play way below a locked 120 fps of the series X (i locked my game to 80fps to avoid frametime spikes) and still I get called a cheater for certain plays simply because certain people can’t cope with losing


Yeah. Well from what I heard last night I have even less trust in pc players playing fairly

People can’t comprehend that players can be better than them.


No comment.


Of course we can.

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I’ll keep saying this but playing pvp for 200-300 hours on my PC I literally haven’t once seen a cheater, and if they appear once every 300 hours of playtime I’m honestly fine with that.
The only players I ever questioned palying fairly was controller players because they were able to abuse machanics like the longshot scope-in or insane shots around cover or just getting insanely lucky with aim assist. By now I “prefer” being killed by pc players on kbm because I know the shot that killed me was completely manual input based on the skill+aim they worked hard to gain, and I have a huge amount of respect for that

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Gonna be one of those threads, huh?

Now where did I put my popcorn and anti-depressants?