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Say something positive about gears 5! Seriously

lmfao :smile:

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End of list.

i’d say it’s a big step forward in terms of narrative, music, art direction, atmosphere and mechanics.

it’s also horrendously buggy and clearly untested before launch, so that’s basically worthy of a class action imho.

Gears 5 is a disgusting cash grab (70 euro starting price for the base game) + the most absurdly stupid and expensive microtransactions i’ve seen in videogames. Overwatch is better in every way with the loot boxes and probably makes more money as a game.

being a PC gamer, i can’t really comment on multiplayer balancing as i haven’t touched Gears Multiplayer since GoW 1 on PC, but i’m enjoying the new Horde and FFA so far.

pre-ordered my Collector’s Edition.
Can’t wait :smiley:

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I like the music in the main menu.

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Things that I liked about gears 5:
Rainbow swirl :rainbow: skins
USA omen skins
Boltok (favorite gun) is pretty good
Gnasher only king of the hill was pretty dope
Jingle juvie was fun as well.
Free for all is my favorite mode
Can’t wait for kantus and thrashball Cole

It run very smooth for a UE4 game.
at least for me.

I like most things, graphics, game play, the modes, weapon and character skins

I truly believe people tht dont. Didnt watch the DEVELOPer stream or completely misunderstood wht ryan said about it because they were too busy trolling the comment.

Dont believe. Rewatch it

This is the best horde mode there has ever been. I completely endorse it, and hope there is more to come.

Enjoying gears 5 very much, this is a wonderful game plagued by a hype-train of negativity being driven by a conductor of technical issues.

Pc peeps might counter that delta🤣

I finally thought of one.

In Gears 5 I haven’t been ripped off by TC selling me reworked launch maps as part of a Season Pass.


I knew you’d come around eventually.

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Praetor Helmet edition I hope.

The Campaign is so good! Me and a buddy played it on Co-op split screen like the good ol’ days. We also completed it on insane which took over 30 hours! Now I’m doing it again to get all the components / relic weapons / collectables on intermediate and I can really appreciate the story and the graphics! the game looks incredible on full screen!

I’ve always been a big horde guy and been digging the new features they have put in each year. I will say that 4 is my favorite horde mode ever but its not like I don’t enjoy this one, its similar to 4 and the special abilities are cool no complaints there. Also since I had everything maxed out in 4 its nice to be able to work toward leveling up again in 5.

Versus has always been the same to me ill hop on and maybe I’m good maybe I’m bad but I get my games in and have fun with it. Or a buddy comes over and we have a Beers and Gears night! I will say the main thing I appreciate about GoW is that they have always given you the option to do split screen while online. Not many other games do that. I’m all about hanging out with my buddies at my house and being able to log on to the same console and play together that’s how gaming was built in my life.

But I digress I like it, I’m a long time fan since 06. I’m not much of a complainer either so ill roll with the punches the game gives me. As a casual gamer I live by the rule that I have to play an hour for every dollar ive spent on the game so in this case I am well over 60 hours for my $60 dollar purchase. #GoodInvestment

while there are many things to dislike about the game (how is it that aim assist is a thing in certian ranked games?!) this game has many things to be thankful about.

this game doesn’t have crab walking.
this game doesn’t have the ability to go through the floor and stay alive through the whole game
little things like that.

This is one of the strangest Gears lists I have EVER seen…
Gears 5 BETTER than Gears1/UE…What!?

It changes depending on my mood. But I find Escape much more entertaining than G1 MP.

Gears1/UE is imo still the best Gears despite being a bit rough and having not that much content but the CORE game mechanics are still by far the best of all Gears games!
2nd. Best Gears would be Gears3… Overall GREAT package of a game.
And only after that it depends on my mood how to rank the other Gears games…
But to each his own I guess


Different backgrounds on game menu upon launch

Kill Cam: sometimes I’m like how to did I die? Then I shut up

Tour of Duty, some will say it’s a grind, I don’t plus I work at least 12 hours a day, accumulated earnings with others in squad not so rewards are counted if team mate gets kills, assists,etc

Graphics of course

Ability to join Horde games right away and not wait until wave is finished like in Gears 4

Escape : Nice new mode, not that long to complete the hives

Arcade: Nice Way to have Quickplay fun

Marks: having different marks is good when you squad up, easier to identify opponents by telling teammate the mark

Expressions : sometimes being squad up with ransoms , I use expressions to tell them to flank, group up, etc, also good to show off for MVP win, also be used in other modes too

New Social Bar & Honor System: quickly join friend squad and vice versa, more XP with pals

From Last Title Update : anyone that has Boost , also get double star on active tour objectives for duration that Boost is there

Map Buiilder: Even though many don’t use , motel of my squad members introduced me to it , I’ve played their maps and I’m working on my own and others, nice way to get community more involved with map types