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Say something positive about gears 5! Seriously

I know it gets a lot of hate and people don’t have much positive to say about it. But if you still play it you have to atleast like something. So say something positive that you personally like about gears 5. And leave negativity at the door. Me I love sound effects and gameplay movement of gears 5.



Graphics are nice.


Seriously I can’t think of anything.

We didn’t even get the option to select skins for cog and swarm respectively…so that tells you about the game right there lol

Um, how about…


oh, i like the changes to the active reloads - makes the game more consistent, been asking for that for a long time

other than that i cant think of anything


Graphics are good.


Gameplay: Skills in Horde seems like a cool Idea, wish it was class based, not character based. Jack was cool in Story, the Skiff was just fluff.

Soundtrack: IMO it was slightly better than 4, still don’t think it’s all that great, most of the tracks feel the same, listen to “Kait’s Theme,” and then “Bittersweet Victory” and you’ll know what I mean.

Sound design: Feels not too off from 4, just the Lancer sounds much weaker, I don’t like the whistle of the GL but maybe that’s just me.

Tour & Store: Worst parts of the game, I feel most people will agree with me.

Story: Act 1/2 were solid and had me hooked, 3/4 felt rushed and pushed too fast, lots of padding in Act 3.

FFA: Either have lots of fun or none at all, Not sure why.

Escape: Fun up until the Elite difficulty, then it feels more like a sponge-fest with almost no ammo.

Horde: Worse than before, skip is an improvement but I still hate the leaderboard after every round.

Game Overall: A solid 6.5/10 for me. Probably would go like this.

Gears 3
Gears 4
Gears 2
Gears 5
Gears 1/UE
Gears Baird

Some was good. Some was bad. 50/50. A great example of Gears 5’s true face.

  • Visuals and framerate are excellent
  • Best campaign since Gears 3
  • Lizzie Carmine is among my top Carmines.

People that like the game don’t come to forums,they just play the game.
As for me,I play everyday,mostly horde.

Nice things to me:

-Having bots in horde.
-The new distribution energy system added in horde recently,useful when we are only 2-3 players,or to making Solo viable.
-Game runs very well in my pc.
-Lizzie!.. with a 30 sec Silverback :disappointed_relieved:



I love the campaign.
Kait is awesome.
Graphics are best ever for this game.
I love Horde. Always have and always will.
Combat system is still unique to this game.

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It could be better without these bugs. Took a break after unlocking seriously. Came back after weeks and noticed after a few hours old and new bugs. And you don’t have to search for them. I am not sure if they play their own game.

So there is potential to get a better game if that counts. Or you can delete all 1-2 stars reviews like Microsoft did in December. On paper a nearly perfect game now xD

I saw a cosplay on Reddit.


Left stick sliding is more relevant that in g4.
This due to some places having some cover that is placed close enough to make sliding possible.

This is much better than g4’s ‘here’s a single rectangle in an empty room’ design.
Pity that those spots always have a fortified position to lancer down into them from.

Oh, no loot boxes.

Single tuning,so gnasher has range in ranked.

I’m drawing a blank after that.
G5 is a case of 3 steps forward, a thousand diving rolls back.

Everything about Gears 5 is outstanding, so it’s hard to choose just one positive thing.

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It’s cool that there are public custom games.

However, as none of the game is actually worth playing, their presence is moot.


Think you’d have a better chance of selling sand to arabs…or ice to eskimos…other than saying anything positive about 5…:thinking:


Like the story. Have had fun during TOD 2 with my buddies

I love it when it works which is about every 1/5 matches.

I like that it’s the latest gears game. I love gears so I’ll play it regardless… But the hate this game gets is absolutely justified. Not even judgement got this much hate. TC have absolutely ■■■■ all over gears.


Something positive?

It cured my erectile dysfunction and week long bout of constipation - it bored me stiff and bored me $hit less.


But on a serious note, the campaign was pretty good. The story was well written. It wasn’t perfect but I enjoyed it. Acts 2 and 3 could have done with some random enemy encounters in the free roam areas. But as it is, it’s just a long commute between dungeons so to speak. When the game was being Gears it was fine, when it was trying to be Fallout or Assassin’s Creed, things got boring. And the irony is that Fallout and Assassin’s Creed gave you random soldiers, mutants and scavengers to stab/shoot/punch while you’re travelling to your next location.

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