"Say hello to my little friend!": A new weapon & must have game-modes for Gears of war's future and so on

**First I'll describe the new must-have weapon that can be unique to gears of war. Then I'll list game modes to be set in stone for gears of war. Things to comment on are your opinions of what game modes should be set in stone/ changed, and the obvious new weapon I'll introduce shortly.**

Weapon Intro: I think a lot of us were expecting the grenades in gears of war to be flung like a slingshot when you hold the aiming button to start swinging it around. That or/& finding a way to do that. While at the same time acknowledging why it isn’t a possibility. Cue in the new weapon:

Something that looks like Wonder woman’s Lasso of truth, yet not a lasso. It’s all lit up by emulsion, like the lasso of truth, but it’s a grenade variant that doesn’t explode at all. It continuously never stops momentum and has an instant one-hit character exploding result. Which goes through the person, instantly creating a massive splatter. One so big, that it resembles the paint-throwing art canvas technique. for which if anyone’s character touches, instantly explodes like paint thrown on a canvas. (If you take gore off in settings, then you should do something as I said in one of my other threads.) [directly, or indirectly mentioned}
After you throw it, it creates a long light of emulsified rope or/& light streak, that lingers for a few secs (1 second? It can’t be too long or it’ll look to much like tron, or/& too weird.) You can blind fire it or aim it to shoot/throw it.

Game-modes to always stay:

  1. A game mode where only the weapon I’ve just mentioned is used (in competitive or/& social)
  2. Get rid of warzone have Execution in instead.
  3. Get rid of arms race or arcade mode PvP, and have only one of them; b/c there are too alike. (in social or/& comp)
  4. free for all. (in comp or/& social… in comp over social, if one or the other though)
  5. gridiron. (this one, if enough people vote or/& play it… Some modes should be in-game regardless)
  6. 1v1 (in comp only)
  7. The game mode where you have only snipers (in comp or/& social)
  8. Wingman
  9. Escalations but since not many people may be playing it, do this: utilize arms race with the arcade mode (which is essentially making eliminations responsible for choosing your “loadout”) utilizing them together to allow only the enemy team to choose what loadout they have themselves or/& the opposing team. (when the time/ round comes) Also, b/c were merging arms race/ arcade mode PVP. We could get rid of them for this. Utilizing the arcade PVP mode’s aspect of starting with a load out of your choosing (only at a certain time or/& round… like a certain amount of back to back won rounds or/& individual killstreaks. Also maybe if you need 1-2-3 more rounds to win the match, these utilizations work in favor of the losing team somehow… not in ties, or not when tied after a certain number of rounds done…?)… thus load-outs based on the eliminations you/ your team… is part of the arcade utilization. (only going w/what you have & not your teammates eliminations make, is what happens in gears 5’s current PVP arcade mode however.)
  10. A shotgun and pistols only mode (keynote: the pistol should shoot just as fast as our “trigger fingers”, making the speed limit, technically when the fire rate looks like a beam of streaks/light. Called a “hypefestation” mode or something.

Gridiron and escalations should be all in one searchable game type. (whether in social or/& comp) However, obviously, the stats should be separate. (if the population of players needs to be taken into consideration)

When searching the following under social… these all should be searchable under one title/ game type: execution, and team deathmatch. King of the hall/ control/ blitz… whatever it’s called with whatever merge of the 3 we do have… that’ll be separate under social and/or competitive… comp over social if one or the other is best.
Now for the PvE modes, just use horde or/& escape both, or substitute escape for something else, or keep them all. PvE doesn’t really have a population issue as it is. However, Horde is a must-have regardless.

The following is just pictures and videos of what you should be picturing when picturing this new weapon:


Chinese painter uses impressive skill to create masterpieces - YouTube

How To Throw Frag Grenades & Set Shock Grenade Trap In Gears 5 - YouTube

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Help me. I’m lost

That sounds like it’d be hella unbalanced for PvP. Not really sure if it fits the style of the Gears weapons either.

It sounds like a more op version of the incins. Incins are one hit kill in pvp and are decent for area denial.

you have to throw it at people for a direct hit that results in a direct instant kill. No impact radius or explosions whatsoever, Just the sound of gears of war’s gore. It also leaves a long stream/ streak/ light (or just the emulsified rope projectile) that lingers for a few seconds that’ll kill whoever touches it. Throw it overhand or underhand like the gears grenade variant it is. looks like the Lasso of truth or similar to it btw. You can blind fire it or aim and shoot/ throw it too.
The ropes streak/ streak of light emulsion would have to not last too long, or else I wouldn’t like it either. You could always make it longer/ last longer for certain events.

@AmicableWall421 @grey_mineman : it’ll be most abundant on PvE, that one game mode I’ve mentioned on the original post, and/ or as a power weapon otherwise.

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No offense, but reading through that post, you go into great detail about the weapon and PvP, but I don’t actually see a mention of PvE. Either highlight the section you’re referring to, or make sure you didn’t forget it.

I’d rather have something like a shoulder mounted rocket launcher to use for PvE modes.

I’ll be honest I don’t really like the sound of that weapon

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Mentioned horde to be a must in the original post. From what I know it’s just Horde and escape in PvE. Thus I mention you can keep all and add a new mode in PvE. that or/& keep horde and add something else besides escape or/& add all three since there’s no population issue with too many PvE modes currently.

I love it when OP’s solve their own threads lol


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