Saws only event?

The other day I was playing quickplay and the other team had everyone quit out on it, save one guy. Instead of just ruining this guy’s evening, everyone on my team decided to just switch to saws only and have nothing but saw fights for the remainder of the game. When saw duels happened, everyone else stood back and watched the duel, and should the opposing team win, stepped up and dueled again.

It was a blast. Sure it wasn’t as competitive as some of the other events, but hell, why not? An event where you have no ammo and nothing other than the lancer, and all you can do is melee or saw.


It would be interesting indeed.


An event that doesn’t promote camping would be interesting indeed.


I wouldn’t mind playing something like that.

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Sounds like a blast to be honest.

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FFA Saws only?


I don’t think it would be fun, it would just become a contest of button mashing.

You should change your gt to John Kramer.

You from the old forums OP?

Old heads loved saw only…

Lurked and rarely posted, but more or less


We have so much in common.

we use to do a bonesaw event back in the old GzB days …man were those lobbies fun