Sawed-off hand cannon

I’ve never played anything but Gears 4 but I did try Gears 3 last night on my fiance’s xbox one. Only for about 20 minutes because I’m abysmal with a controller.

Honestly, I think the game was a lot cooler than Gears 4 and was wishing there were a PC version I could tool around with. Seemed like a lot of different game modes and weapons.

At one point I was running around with a sawed off shotgun and it’s like detonating a grenade directly into the enemies face.

Sawed Off shotgun gets my vote for Gears 5.


Gears 3 in my opinion, was the best overall Gears game, had an impactful story, amazing multiplayer(probably the best in its prime) and Horde was challenging yet fun. And not forgetting the fact hard work actually paid off in that game, unlocking new characters as you progressed, the sawed off was annoying online but still a decent weapon.

I hope TC reflect on all the feedback gathered across the 2 years this game has been out and put it to good use in Gears 5, making the game, enjoyable, fun and rewarding, instead of a grind for credits.

I do hope to see some weapons return, but the majority of weapons (especially Locust) were destroyed after the Locust War.

The sawed-off was newly introduced into Gears 3 as well and re-used in Judgment. Strange how it also appeared in Judgment which is set before the events of Gears 1 and 2.

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The Sawed-Off was an awesome idea but poor design.

To get technical - it fired a cone. In it? You die. Laymens terms to describe how it functioned.

Had it functioned like a gun that fired 2 Gnasher shots at once with wider spread (adjust damages obviously) it wouldn’t of been an issue.

Gears 5 should use competitive weapon tuning. Bring back the Sawed Off and make it basically a 2 shot core Gnasher with penetrating bullets and the ability to multi-gib at point blank.