Saving a player from a leech

I see players with an Embar in their hands and yet they still let some players get devoured by some leeches. Just like the shock sentry, an embar shot at the player while getting eaten by the leech yet still alive can save him/her. Yes I know, the embar is the worst weapon in this game and only some robotics expert may carry them sometimes because of the Experimental Weapons card.

I don’t know if there is a thread to this particular solution if there is then I apologize and ask you to keep your toxicity low since I keep hearing this is the worst place to discuss things like this :-s



Haha! Our reputation precedes us! :smiley:

But on a serious note, we only eat stupid people alive. Alot of GOW fans rant, post incoherant angry nonsense, are vague with suggestions and ideas, or simply post falsehoods AND then they get upset and even more angry when they are called out on it.

I’ve never been able to work out how sometimes someone can be saved from a Leech execution. It happens maybe 1 out of 10 times, but most of the time there;s no way of saving a team mate. So you’re saying that the shock effects from Shock Sentries and EMBARs will consistently allow you to save a team mate from a leech? I’ll have to give that a try.


I think you have the forums confused with reddit.

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all i know is there a split second when there climbing onto said player to kick them but you gotta be quick is all i know and pretty much right next to them to even get that chance


I’m mortified!

The EMBAR is my main choice weapon as a Robotics Expert and as a Mechanic and I pick one up as soon as I can get one.

Being able to active reload and stun pretty much everything (except bosses and including some players, oops sorry!) but particularly Scions, DR1’s etc is an incredibly valuable ability. It buys your team mates time whilst they can deal with them.

An active reload EMBAR stunned scion/DR1 whilst still able to move, cannot fire back at you. So useful for Boomshot and Mulcher scions.

I wasn’t aware of the saving ability from leeches though I must try that.


I wonder if a thrown flash grendade would do the same thing?

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I was also shocked when I read that. The Embar is an amazing weapon, it helped me with many Blademaster Solo challenges back before I figured out how to kill a Scion without it hitting me.


Definitely. Embar proficient RE can build a base he rarely needs to repair barrier wise.

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This forum is no where near as toxic as some other forums i visit. /coughDBDcough

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Everything can save a Teammate from a leech but the Timewindow for doing that is super tight though so with the Embar it’s even harder to pull of because of the time it takes to charge and shoot.

You can just shoot them, it’s a 1 shot to kill the leech on the player and save them, though it’s only like a second to save them


Very unlikely you’ll be in the right place at the right time AND be holding an embar.

Weakest enemy in the game.

Hardest execution to overcome.

So dumb that you can fight off a pouncer but not a juvie or leach.


IMO it would be cool if it was also possible to save someone from a Scion execution until the Head get’s crushed.

Another example of an actual good Game-mechanic Idea that TC somehow half***ed.

You can fight of a Pouncer if it just jumps on you but you’re instantly killed if you’re DBNO this should also be adressed in the next Game. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Surprised and not surprised to read about this, just as there’s some technique to free yourself from a Sire. I only managed to do it like twice, like years ago, but it is/used to be possible.

So how does this work? Doesn’t the charging of the EMBAR take longer than the time you have to save your teammate?

I’d like to know this trick. As far as I know unless you are BM or Protector who started bleeding a sire before it grabs you, there is no way you can free yourself from Sire’s clutches.

Better yet, I’d like to see a clip showing this trick, if you don’t mind.


From what I remember it was button bashing the B button really early, and somehow I managed to escape. I’ve only had it in Escape, not Horde and I haven’t been able to replicate it. So unfortunately, I do not have any footage. But I do hope anyone else can confirm this so that it isn’t a feature that they’ve removed.

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This never was a thing.

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I don’t think it works. Neither in Escape nor Horde.

I don’t remember but I believe it was possible when the game launched and only in lower difficulties in Escape.
But I honestly don’t remember.

Don’t forget the Brawler (Burning from Ult. has saved me) and as far as bleeding goes also Infiltrator and Striker.

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Basically any class that can inflict bleeding / burning damage.